March 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung (and other things)!

One of the many things I like about living in Arizona is being able to grow geraniums in March!  After the very cold winter we had I am thrilled to start seeing flowers and buds in all of the pots.
The orange tree that I thought was dead has leaves all over it giving me high hopes it will make a come-back.
We shipped our new patterns to distributors today and I updated the LHN web site.  While looking at the back of the "Thirteen Colonies" pattern I had a laugh.  There is a typo I didn't catch. . . .  the fabric is 32 count, not county!  I do a lot of genealogy work on the computer and my fingers automatically type county more often.  So don't let that confuse you!
This is a photo of Gracie taking a little snooze in the living room filled with drop cloths and plastic.  We have been painting the walls inside and had been living in fear that Gracie would step in a paint tray or stick her nose in a wet brush.  As you can see here she became bored with the whole thing early on and we had no troubles with this one year-old.  Ahhhhhh. . . . . . . . .


  1. What a good little doggie! She looks very content. :)

  2. Nice photo of your beautiful geraniums! I've never thought about actually growing them, here in Kansas we buy them already blooming at the nursery. Glad your orange tree is showing signs of life. And I am very excited to now order your new patterns!

  3. I have my geraniums outside not till half or end april, because some times it can freeze and they don't like that :-)
    I love the picture of Gracie and our Bowy is saying that she is a beautiful girl.

  4. Ohhhh I just notice on your website the name of the 4th ornament: Gingerbread Village. Woohoo ... can't wait, because i LOVE gingerbreads. Woohoo !!!

  5. Just seeing pictures of flowers blooming make me smile after every winter!!! I'm a bit envious but love seeing your pictures! HA! :) What a sweetie Gracie is!!!

  6. You have no idea how wonderful it is see those geraniums. They're beautiful Diane!
    Gracie looks so content. Not a care in the world!

  7. Your Geraniums are so beautiful! It is so nice to see the flowers start to bloom after the cold winter, isn't it? Gracie is such a beautiful dog! She looks very content in her surroundings.

  8. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous doggie! :)

  9. We just put some geraniums in the ground last weekend. Love the color they provide!

    LOL at your typo. I stitch a lot on 32 count so I guess I live in 32 county. ;-)


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