October 11, 2015

October things.....

When I looked at the date of my last post my first reaction was, "really?"  
Three months came and went pretty quick.

All of the newest releases are on my web site so if you need to catch up, it's best to do it there.  
I wouldn't know where to start!

This month I am releasing the design, "Fear Not" that I created for myself to help me through my breast cancer surgery and treatments.  I'll be the first to admit that the whole thing made me extremely nervous, even though I had just seen Ron through it a year and a half earlier.

Fear Not
The design is centered on one of my favorite bible verses.....Isaiah 41:10.  I stitched it in pink but it can easily be stitched in colors for other cancers or simply to match your bedroom decor.  

The tenth ornament in The Sampler Tree Ornament Series is called "Christmas in the Country."  
This reminds me of folks who would venture out on holiday to homes removed 
from the hustle and bustle of  "modern" living.  

Christmas in the Country
There is one more ornament to release....."Christmas Angel" will be shipped in November.  
No new monthly series are planned at this time.

However............I will be releasing a new line of designs that are full sized and feature sheep.  

I love sheep.  I hope you do too.  
The first one comes out next month in time to stitch for Christmas.

I will also be resurrecting the "All Dolled Up!" line of designs that get "dolled up" with pretty beads and buttons.  The first one is already at the model stitcher getting ready for a December release.

Last bit of news.....I am breaking the unwritten rule of only releasing two 
Hometown Holiday designs a year.  
There will be three........the next one releases in December.

And for those of you who enjoy pics of Miss Gracie.....
here she is after visiting
the groomer.  

She's looking all dolled up too!


Happy Stitching,


  1. Gracie is adorable :)
    Simply love your 'Fear Not' design... So much so that I need it!! I feel a connection with the words.. Wishing you well, happy stitching :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Beautiful designs! Thank you for sharing... and best of everything with you treatment!

  3. You have some more lovely designs, sure to be a hit! Hope that you are doing well... Hugs!

  4. Very nice releases! Looking forward to your sheep designs! Thanks for sharing a picture of Gracie! Hope you are well!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. I already pre ordered Fear not and will stitch it with the beautiful pink color. I still having bad results after 5 years ago, when I had precancerous cervical cancer. Middle this month another check-up. So this will be very special to stitch.
    Love the newest ornament, I just loved this series and yes... I also love sheep !!! So I cannot wait to see your new line.
    And another one for the Holiday Homwtown series, ... yes !!!
    Great picture of Grace, she is realy smiling.

  6. Great new releases. Still keeping you and Ron in my prayers. Great pic of Gracie, she is such cutie.

  7. Beautiful designs! Thank you for sharing...


  8. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.



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