February 27, 2016

February, etc...........

Living in Arizona, we have seen some really gorgeous weather recently.  It's very inspiring.  After being in the needlework industry for so many years and releasing hundreds of designs, I sometimes wonder if I'll run out of ideas.  

Then along comes beautiful weather and there is inspiration everywhere!

We recently released two new designs.

The first is Red Rooster Inn.
I love the "Inns" that we have done over the years.

Red Rooster Inn
This one is a throwback to years ago....
It's called "The Inn at Fox River Mill" and stands as my all-time favorite Inn.

The Inn at Fox River Mill
Moving on.....our second release is called "Homestead Sampler." 
 I love the combination of lettering and design.

Homestead Sampler
My initials are on the chart but I would suggest you replace them with your own.  The design represents the women who went before us, settling The West and Midwest territories.  The beautiful frame is from Valley House Primitives and is called The Bisbee.  I've used it before and I love it.  The character makes something new look a little older.

There WILL BE a Hoffman exclusive release at the Nashville 2016 Market.  A photo will come later.  There will also be a free chart featuring three new threads from Classic Colorworks with the purchase of those threads.  

Lot's of fun ahead!  Be sure to tell your local shop to be on the look-out for you!

So many have asked what the future holds for Little House and a series.  I have been waiting to get beyond the one year mark on my BC surgery to commit but now that I've designed it, I'm letting the cat out of the bag.  Yes, there will be a new series and it will start in June or July of this year assuming all goes well on my one year scan.  I'm excited!

Happy Stitching!


  1. So happy to read that there is more to come. Your designs are wonderful

  2. So glad to see you are still designing and getting stronger.

  3. Love your two new designs and can't wait to see what you have for us in the future. Praying for your one year scans!

  4. Great new designs. I look forward to seeing the new series. Continued prayers that you and Ron stay cancer free.

  5. You and your husband Ron are in my daily prayers.

  6. Your designs are always so great. I just wish I had a lot more time to stitch. In my rotation of 15 projects, I do have 3 Little House Designs going. The Calendar Girl Series, The Hometown Holiday Series and the 2012 ornament series. Always look forward to seeing what you have designed for us now.

  7. So glad that you doing well and setting your sights on future designs and continued good health! Love the Inn projects. Happy stitching.............

  8. Glad to see more designs. Praying for you and your husband good health.

  9. Glad to see more designs. Praying for you and your husband good health.

  10. I already put a pre order in for your nashville release and the one of classic colorworks as soon as I read it ;-)
    Fingers crossed that your one year scan will be very good. I know it will and than we all can enjoy your new series !

  11. Beautiful new designs!

  12. I love the one of the school!! Hugs Eoody

  13. I am having so much fun admiring all your beautiful work! It's just amazing! Please come visit me at my new stitchy blog at


  14. Happy New Year to you also! May 2016 be a very healthy and happy year for you and Ron! Hugs!


  15. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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