April 28, 2011

She's 17 months old now. . . . . .

Our girl Gracie really looks big, doesn't she?  She is as fluffy as a feather boa!  Well she did have a bath (shower) last night and that's why she looks so poofy.  Here nose is all wet as Ron is watering right now and she keeps sticking her face in the hose to get a drink.

OK. . . . . . . don't you agree????  This is the top of one of our barrel cactus and I think the fruit (which holds seeds) look like tiny pineapples!  Aren't they cute?  Beautiful flowers will follow shortly.

I have just finished designing the last of the ornaments in the series.  They have been fun but this will be the last year for them.  But here is some happy news for those of you wanting another seasonal band sampler. . . . .  Rita just finished stitching Autumn and it is on it's way back to me.  I've seen a photo and I'm sure you'll like it (I do and so does Rita!).  It won't be out for a while yet but I thought I'd deliver the news to those of you who had requested another one.  Next year I'll get the spring and summer ones done and complete what is now, a set.

Keep stitching friends!

April 13, 2011

The Inn

Would you like to live here?  I know I would!  This design, The Inn at Fox River Mill will be shipped to our distributors at the end of this week.  You can look for it in shops along with the new ornament, Gingerbread Village closer to the end of the month.  I'll get a supply list on our web site in the next few days.

Happy Stitching,

April 5, 2011

Fox River Mill Peek

Some times the design process is a real journey and this one, The Inn at Fox River Mill was just that.  Every day that I worked it it, the design continued to evolve into something that I liked more and more.  In the end it has become my favorite of the Inns I have been doing since I started (Willow Tree Inn was the first).  The full photo will be on the web site next week.  I hope you like the preview!

Thanks for stopping by!

April 4, 2011

A Gracie post

Some times you take a picture and just laugh at what you see.  That's what happened when I took this one of Gracie so I thought I'd share it. She looks so silly. . . . . . . . . .

Hope you all are making happy little X's today!!


April 2, 2011

The great debate

In some houses people debate politics.  For years and years in our house, we debated this guy. . . . .  . .was he a cow or a pig?  I saw cow.  Just look at him.  Of course he's a cow.  But then again, some times he looks a little like a pig.  I love folk art objects and when I saw this one made by a local crafter I had to have it.

Speaking of crafting, that is how I initially got my start.  Back in the days of craft malls (where I bought the cow-pig), my mom and I rented space in a local shop.  I made dolls and quilts and my mom painted acrylic wood plaques and objects.  After working at it for a few years I began taking out a few ads in a crafting magazine selling doll patterns.  All the while I was still cross stitching.  The day came when I took a leap of faith and bought a computer program for my Mac and started designing.  That's when I sold my first patterns to Leisure Arts.

Mr. Spot is back on the shelf above my desk.  He needed a good dusting anyway so I'm glad I took him down to show you. 

Happy Stitching,