March 2, 2014

For the fur babies. . . . . . .

Have you seen these new charts from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House?

By Theresa - Cats in the Garden

By Diane - Neighborhood Friends

Kitties, puppies, dogs, cats. . . . . . woof, woof, meow, meow.  Our fur friends need your help so we came together to raise funds for a few rescues and shelters.  

This idea came from Valerie Morrell who approached me last year on the idea.  I have known Valerie for a long time and know she is very active in fostering and the rescue of dogs.  :)

In planning, I started thinking. . . . . who better to help with this project than Theresa Venette . . . . after all, she is one of the best spokespersons when it comes to helping domestic animals.  So I called her and this is the fruit of that phone call.  She jumped right in and came up with some great problem solving ideas, including her Etsy site to sell the patterns!  Perfect!

The way this works is you can buy one pattern for $10 or two for $15.  When you make your purchase you get to nominate a shelter of your choice in the United States that will enter into a drawing that takes place in two months. At that time three entries will be drawn to receive a portion of the money raised.  Three other organizations have already been chosen by Valerie, Theresa and myself.  
You can read about them here: CLICK

To Purchase
If you buy both you get two nominations for a shelter or rescue!

I know you all love to hear the back stories on my charts (when I have one).  This is the story of "Neighborhood Friends". . . . . . 

Remember my Molly Girl?  

She and I were the best of buddies.  When she went in to have the first of two surgeries to remove her tumor I was a wreck.  I clock watched and designed this pattern.  Well, kinda.  It was a little different than the one up above. . . it said Neighborhood Dog Show and had little blue ribbons here and there.  

Molly died a few months later and I just couldn't release this design.  It was special. . . just between the two of us. . . . . .until now.  I decided to release it and dedicate it to her as a lasting remembrance of difficult times but to re-purpose it for animals in need.

Molly came to us after our Lab/Shepherd mix, Katie passed away.    My dad bought her for us from a pet store, not knowing anything about puppy mills and poor breeding.  We nicknamed our girl,  Million Dollar Molly not because she was one in a million (though she was!), but she drained our pockets!  She suffered from so many genetic problems that when I would call the vet to take her in I would just say, "this is Diane" and they knew immediately who I was.  She was a regular.  The vet once told us she was lucky to have Ron and I as owners and so many other people would have discarded her. 

So I chose as my rescue, the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Arizona.  They take in the unloved, unwanted, sick and aged Goldens that no one else wants or can afford.  They are like my Molly Girl.

Help the helpless and buy a chart. . . give it away to someone, stitch it, donate the stitching to a shelter. . . . .help us help them.  Share our FB posts, link back to our blogs. . . spread the word!  There will be a full disclosure of money raised and where it is sent.

During the two months of fund raising we will keep you guessing as to what's next in our bag of tricks and surprises.  You can't win if you don't participate!

Using Etsy made it possible to donate 100% of the proceeds.  How is that for a fund raiser??

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And Theresa's heart.  And Valerie's.  And alllllll of the puppies and kitties that will benefit from your generosity.