November 30, 2012


With the popularity of Pinterest on the rise, I wanted to share something with you.  The items that are pinned to boards are sometimes protected by copyright.  It has become a huge problem for designers in our industry that find themselves again on the front line battling to retain their copyrights and their jobs.

Personally I do not mind if you share Little House finishes and pattern covers.  Shops do it, bloggers do it, and I do it.

This first pin is perfectly ok with me.

The second photo shows what is NOT ok.  It is a clear violation of the copyright.  Before you pin a chart, look at it carefully to see if it says it is a free chart and can be distributed or if it has a copyright and maybe even a warning.  

The industry thanks you and I thank you for continuing to educate yourself and others in this matter.  And a HUGE thank-you to those who take their time to report the illegal pins to designers.

Happy Stitching,

November 25, 2012

Oldies but Goodies!

Just a few winter designs from the past.

Top Row: Snowflakes and Warm Winter Woolens
Middle Row: Gingerbread Trio and Be Merry, Belle Pepper
Bottom Row: The Angels Sang and Winter Wonderland

Something for everyone!

November 24, 2012

The Cubby

Most of you know my Pottery Barn Cubby.  I am still in love with it and change the little squares out with the seasons.  I put some ornaments in the cubbies before Thanksgiving and took a few photos.  Just like last year, if you look hard, you'll see the last ornament for 2012.  It won't be out for a while but it's a little peek.

It looks like my candy cane came off of my Peppermint Twist ornament!  It wasn't sewn on well and now I'll have to figure out a creative way to attach it.  The silhouette is of my dad when he was a boy.  It's a memento I cherish.

And my Boyd's Bears!  I have a lot of those but these are just some of the wintry ones.

Pottery Barn still carries the cubby so if you are interested you can order it online.  They are awesome for holding small stitching pieces.


November 15, 2012

Season of Love and Bear Tree Forest

New pattern time!  We shipped both designs to our distributors yesterday.  The 11th ornament of the year is called "Season of Love".  The little snow couple is so cute holding their stick hands.  Stitch it for yourself but it would make a great gift for a newlywed couple!

"Bear Tree Forest" is another design from LHN featuring THE bears.  I know many of you love stitching "winter" so this was designed for you.  The bears can also be seen on the following designs: Snowy Pines (2010 ornament), Pinetop Lodge and Lakeside Lodge.

Next month we have the last ornament and an amazing reproduction from little Mary Ann Myers featuring six very good sized birds.  You are going to love it.

Happy Stitching,