August 15, 2014

August Releases

I have waited a year to release this pattern!  It was originally scheduled to come out in September last year but instead we found ourselves dealing with Ron's cancer.

It's Route 66!  

It's complete with the states the route travels through, the dash line in the highway, and a little camper trailer and vintage car to give it a retro feel.

The map is made of of half crosses which makes stitching this design much easier.

I think I'll finish mine into a tote but wouldn't it make a great scrapbook or photo album cover for your travels?

Also this month we are releasing the September Calendar Girl.  It's apple picking time!

Next month's girl could very well be my's my birthday month so I may have favored it slightly while designing.  :)  

Are you stitching all twelve girls individually?  Do you have any creative ideas for showcasing them?

Happy Stitching,