April 23, 2013

Something so rare. . . . . .

A very good friend of mine, Michael, has come across something so rare I just had to ask him if it could be shared on my blog.  Let me start by saying that this is the same man whose ownership of the Nantucket box inspired my design, Old Nantucket.  He is an antiques dealer and comes across wonderful samplers and really good old stuff!  This find is amazing.

Have you ever heard of a "watch sampler?"  It's a tiny piece of needlework stitched with the woman's hair (yes, hair) which was then tucked into the case of the pocket watch of husbands and fathers.

The linen appears American and from what I can tell and the stitching is "over one".  How did such a fragile piece of early 1800's history survive so well??

It reads: 
"Part not with a MOMENT but for its worth."

In a letter attached to the item was a note that this little gem was made by Mary Bowden.

Anyone with any knowledge of watch samplers, please leave your comments here.  Or if you just want to ooh and aah over it, leave those comments too!

Thanks for sharing this Michael!


April 22, 2013

April Releases!

Years ago I was introduced to "Peepers". . . . . . those wonderful little half glasses that can be worn alone or over your regular glasses.  Jean Lea at The Attic fitted me with my first pair.  Since then I have moved to a better pair of progressive lenses that allow me to see detail work while stitching.  "Miss Peepers" is just a fun little whimsical design that should put a smile on your face while stitching.

Miss Peepers

The other designs are from the two ongoing series, Little Sheep Virtues and Hometown Holiday.

Little Sheep Virtue, Courage

Hometown Holiday - Caroling Quartet
Next month we will publish the fourth Hometown Holiday design which is a sweet shop, then we take a break for a bit.  This gives us all time to get caught up with buildings, cubes, stitching etc. I will let you know when the fifth design in the series is coming.  I can tell you this though. . . . . . it's a General Store.  

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Happy Stitching, Diane