October 31, 2011

A Winter Sampler

I don't normally preview patterns quite so early, but because of the snow seen all over the east I decided to show a little peek of an upcoming sampler.  It seems winter is here for many of you!

The design is titled very appropriately, "New England Winter Sampler".  Having worked with a few antique samplers, a bit of the old way in which samplers were stitched  found a way into my heart.  I love the large layout and randomness of the various elements.

Like I said, this is a preview of an upcoming pattern.  The design won't ship until mid November along with ornament #11.

Happy Stitching,

October 27, 2011

Ornament News

So yes. . . I did say that 2011 was the end of the road for ornament patterns.  But after listening to shop owners and stitchers who love stitching smalls, we have decided to release them for another year.

My biggest fear was that I couldn't come up with another set of twelve winter/holiday themed designs.  I was wrong.  The list I worked on has 16 ideas!!  The first one in 2012 is titled "Blessed" and promises to be one of my favorites.  

Happy Stitching,

October 25, 2011

Fall Plantings

To those of us in the south, fall is not much cooler than summer.  With the sun shifting to a more southern position, plants that died in the summer need to be replaced in the hope they will survive what we hope is a mild winter.  Ron fell in love with these petite ornamental peppers.  I love them too.  Not a traditional fall plant like the mums that will be in bloom soon but that makes it nice. . . . very unusual!

I am getting ready to photograph the last pattern of the year.  I have already been at work designing and stitching 2012 designs.  Yes. . . .2012 if you can believe that!  So much to do!!

Happy stitching,

October 18, 2011

Old Tucson Studios

Oh happy day!  I was recently  blessed with a long-overdue visit with my friend, Kim from high school.  We had a wonderful time together and didn't sit still a moment she was here.  Sunday our plans took us out to Old Tucson Movie Studios with the family.

 Diane and Kim

Old movie set for the tv show High Chaparal

 My dentist office.  :)

A view of some of the new sets behind the horse and stagecoach.  New building has been going on at the studio since the fire destroyed some of the best sets like those used in the series, Gunsmoke.

Gorgeous buildings with tons of southwest personality.

Thank goodness for modern washers and dryers (and clothes!).

The old train and church.

Grandchildren Sean, Jeff, Juliet and Andrew dressed in period costumes for their vintage photo shoot. 
 Oh did they ever have fun!!!

Lastly, Kim and I hanging out with a few of the locals.  :)

Happy trails to you!

October 11, 2011

Warm Winter Woolens

When I think of winter woolens I think of sweaters.  Maybe you think of sheep.  This design is like dipping chocolate into peanut butter. . . . . you get something totally different from both thoughts!

You can see we framed it in a Sudberry candle screen.  It will look wonderful with a courting candle or candlestick beside it.

I have a goal to update the LHN web site either tomorrow or Thursday.  Look for supply lists then.

Happy Stitching,

October 10, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

This is not your usual 12 Days of Christmas!  I always try to reinvent the wheel a bit and I'm hoping you like my interpretation of this old classic.  All twelve items are represented in this design.  Sorting through the various birds shouldn't be too hard.  The lettering will stitch fast so if you get started right away you will have this done in plenty of time for the holidays. 

This design along with Snow in Love (already previewed) and Warm Winter Woolens will ship to our distributors in a few days.  Come back tomorrow for the photo of the third release.

Happy Stitching (and singing now that you've read through the 12 items!),

October 9, 2011

Snow in Love

It's ornament reveal time!  
What can be sweeter than two snow folk in love?  

The last three ornaments of the 2011 series are stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30 ct. Cocoa linen.  
This pattern along with two others will ship the end of this week.

Stay tuned for more design photos!


October 7, 2011

JCS Ornament Issue

I LOVE the annual Just Cross Stitch ornament issue.  I anticipate designing for it as much as you anticipate the publication! This year's ornament is titled "Fresh Fallen Snow".  It is stitched on Weeks Dye Works Cocoa with Belle Soie from Crescent Colours.  Looking at it right now it reminds me of a quilt.  Imagine the block repeated  3 across and three down, changing the house to red and leaving the trees green.  You'd have a full sized design created with 36 individual squares!

I know there are still copies of the magazine available and it is such a bargain with so many designs to choose from!  Thank you for finishing it Vonna!!  

October 6, 2011

A trip up north. . . . . .

Ron and I took a nice little trip up north to Sedona, Arizona.  We stayed at a place that was only a few steps away from Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.  It was amazing as were the sites in and around the city.  The first photo looks like a scene from a European city.

Gracie went along and was welcomed everywhere we went.  In fact because of her, we met a lot of really wonderful people along the way who stopped to pet her.  

Orange is not my favorite color but up here it looks spectacular!

These are my two favorite traveling companions!

And have you ever seen such pretty peppers??

I'll end the post by sharing this sweet photo of a very young model who was posing near the fountain in Tlaquepaque.  It's one of those moments that I found beautiful and engaging all at once.

I'll be back to stitching tomorrow!