January 13, 2012

News and Other Things

It's the first of the year, a time when I look at the new release schedule and make plans for the months ahead. This year I have decided to share a bit of what is being planned.  

In no particular order. . . . . . . 
Adam and Eve - this is the portion that you see at the bottom of the Elizabeth Hancock Sampler.  It is the people, plants and tree from the design and does not include the grass and lambs.

Spring and Summer Band Samplers - this will complete the four seasons set (released separately).

Louisa B. Snow - at last we will be publishing the Snow sampler.  You may remember that Louisa is a descendant of the Mayflower.  I am planning to offer two different color ways for this design. . . . .original colors (or close to them) and Diane's alternative palette.

Olde Nantucket - this design was inspired by an antique box that I researched the genealogy on for a friend. The box actually said "Nantucket March 1829".  What inspiration!

Mary Ann Myers - a wonderful reproduction chart featuring SIX birds!  It's American in origin.

Those are just some of the designs you can expect in the months ahead.  And of course, there is an ornament a month too.  Next month we release Tree Farm.  

Now onto "other things". . . . . . .the pattern called "My Lady" that we ship next week has endless possibilities for finishing.  But I came up with another idea that I wish I had shared earlier.  Change the browns in her clothing to various shades of white/cream/taupe/tans. . . . . make her very antique looking (you'll need a darker fabric to pull this off).  Then string tiny bridal flowers onto invisible thread to make a garland to extend from one hand to another.  Suspend a photo in a charm from the center of a newly married couple on their wedding day, or an antique photo of parents or grandparents to present as an anniversary gift.  

Some times my mind just never shuts off. . . . . .

Happy stitching,

January 12, 2012

Jessie Bell - Arizona Territory

The last of the three charts we are shipping to distributors on Monday is a sampler that commemorates the 100th birthday of the state of Arizona which takes place in February.  Jessie Bell was a real little girl that I found on the census before the time of statehood.  She lived in the Arizona Territory during a turbulent time in the west, when it may have been a bit scary to be a little girl.  Her father worked for the railroad which is what I am sure brought them so far west. 

When you look at the design you will see a misspelling, and things a bit off-kilter.  It's all intentional in the spirit of making a young girl's sampler.  Valley House Primitives, also an Arizona company, created this very special frame for the design.  They will be updating their blog with the details on it.  The threads are from Crescent Colours, also an Arizona based company.

And for those of you not "feeling" it the way it is presented, I have provided alternative lettering that says "The Old West".  Something for everyone!

The LHN web site will be updated the first part of next week with the supply details on "My Lady" and "Jessie Bell - Arizona Territory".  The ornament supply list is already available.

Happy Stitching, 

January 10, 2012

"My Lady"

So many of you have asked about the photo of the lady in the corner of my blog header. . . . . .she is a new pattern that we ship with our other patterns on Monday next week.  Let me tell you about her and what makes her so special. . . . . 

I love mixed media styled artwork.  It's fun, a bit eclectic and very individual to the person creating it.  So I thought of a way for each of you to create a personalized design that you could place in an easel and call your own.  What you get in the package is the pattern for the lady. While you are stitching her, imagine what you would like to see her holding on a length of ribbon or thread.  Would it be a miniature portrait of someone you love?  Would it be a spectacular collection of odd buttons?  Or maybe an an antique brooch.  The choice is completely your own.  

My Lady
I bought two packs of jewelry finds at Michael's to show you a few options.  The inset photo shows the second way I set her up.  Just follow the directions on the pattern for attachment. . . .it's easy! 

I hope you'll love this pattern as much as I do.  

Happy Stitching,

January 8, 2012


At long last I getting around to posting what you really want to see. . . the first ornament of 2012!  "Blessed" is the sweetest little angel I could come up with to welcome in the third year of monthly ornaments.  My mom stitched her for me and all the while continued to say how much she loved her.  The finishing is a simple attachment of chenille to the outside edge.  

And surprise!  The supply list is up on our web site as is the supply list for the next ornament.  Hopefully this will get everyone off to the quickest start possible!

This week I will also show you the other two new designs shipping soon.

It's a somber day in Tucson today as we remember the tragedy that struck this city one year ago.  Remember to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and count your blessings.

Happy Stitches,

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Our family is still enjoying the holiday but I made this new header and wanted to share on the first day of 2012. In it you will see a fun new design called "My Lady" that will be available at the end of the month.  I'll have more detailed updates going forward in the days and weeks ahead.  It's back to work on Tuesday!

Wishing you all happy stitches in the new year!