January 13, 2014

January Releases. . . . . .

New for 2014!  The patterns will head to our distributors later this week.  

First up is our sweet heart (pun intended), the February Calendar Girl. 
She is dressed in wintry pinks. . . .doesn't she look "lovely?"  

Can you guess what the coloring of the March Calendar Girl will be?

Next is "Hands to Work" which comes from a saying I see on Vonna's blog all of the time, "Hands to Work, Hearts to God."  I believe from a little research that the saying is attributed to the Shaker's.  

My rendition looks a little like Bo Beep I guess.  Tiny sheep are precious.  For those of you going through Little Sheep Virtue withdrawals, this is for you!

The third design is in our new line of designs, Tumbleweeds.  You can see it here:  THE JOURNEY

I will be updating the web site this week and sharing the supply lists with you then.

I am excited to begin a new year, setting aside the difficulties of the past and only looking forward.  Thank you all again for hanging in there with us as we climbed the mountains of the latter half of the year!

Happy Stitching!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

We are looking forward to a year filled with fun designs for everyone.  Our first Tumbleweed pattern will be out soon along with a Calendar Girl and Hands to Work.  

I am stitching a large design for later in the year and have model stitchers working too.  

So many designs. . . . and only 12 months in the year to stitch in!  

Happy Stitching!