December 5, 2018

Tis the Season

I'm not sure if I'm entering the blogging world full time yet but here I am again making another post.
For the first time ever (I think), I decorated the tree by myself.  I've had elves (grandchildren) help in years past but they are getting older and would rather do other things.  It gave me an opportunity to handle each memory as I put it on the tree.....making me feel a little sad and melancholy.  

This ornament was on my tree as a child.  I love little houses (of course I do).

 But the ornaments that I wanted to share were not purchased but made.
My mom's mom, Amanda, created ornaments from eggs....mostly goose eggs.

This egg was cut open so that a display could be featured on the inside. Only goose eggs could handle the great amount of cutting that went on here.  The egg itself is very firm.

The eggs above and below are chicken eggs.

Grandma took old greeting cards and somehow removed the images to place on the egg, then decoupaged the entire thing.  Then she glued ribbons and beads and sometimes her old jewelry to the eggs to add the finishing touch. The images are very 1970's but aren't they sweet?

We all have a few of grandma's eggs on our trees....something to remind us of her and the labor of love she put into these creations.

Happy Stitching,

December 1, 2018

Jack Frost's Tree Farm

It's December 1st ....not many days ahead and so much to do until Christmas!  I know many of you feel like that.  I don't "blog" like I used to but I thought now was a good time to create a post for a number of reasons.

First, thank you all for sharing your inspired finishes throughout the year in the LHN/CCN stitching group on FB and Instagram.  The Hometown Holiday finishes never cease to amaze me.  So much fun!!!  Many of you have finished Farmhouse Christmas differently too....again...very inspirational and wonderful to see.

So you may have seen the new series that will come out in early February.  We are busy printing the first chart in the series.  I am determined to be more prepared this year than I was when Farmhouse Christmas released!!  Let's hope!!

Jack Frost is a kindly old man who runs a little business where folks like us can shop for their favorite tree, have a cup of cocoa and a cookie (baked by Mrs. Frost).  There are seven designs in all with the first being the wide design at the top.  You can see Jack waving from his little house, welcoming one and all to the farm.

Below the large design sit six more that will sit in two rows if stitching them on one piece of fabric.

For the first time since creating series many years ago, I will be showing a likeness of the designs once the first one releases so you can get a better idea of all of the charts along with placement.

The supply list is slowly making it's way to the LHN web site.  If you want trims, they are listed there along with the fabric used.  Threads will show up in a few weeks.

I have one more big holiday design planned for 2019 and then I'm not sure which direction I'll take but maybe something different (unless I hear otherwise!)

Our sweet girl, Gracie just celebrated her 9th birthday!  Her frosty face says she is getting up there but she still has a lot of spunk.  Unfortunately she has had a real tough time with Valley Fever and now Cushings Disease but we are taking really good care of her!!


As always, I appreciate your comments and the time you take to spend with me.
Happy Stitching,

May 20, 2018

Punch Needle Finishing

Punch needle designs are rarely finished the same as cross stitch and it can be a challenge.  I have finished one of my new designs in such a way that it doesn't need a mount unless desired.

Let's get started.

First thing you need to do is trim away the excess cloth to within 1" of the punching.  Face down, I apply a tacky glue to the excess portion on the inside and press it to the actual punching.  Stretch it so that the edges roll a bit.  This way the cloth has less of a chance of showing on the side.

Not it's time to cut the mat board to size.  Use the measurements of the piece you just glued to cut the board.  They should match up really well.  If not, cut another piece and try again.

Apply the glue to the mat board and press both of pieces together.  Allow to dry.

For the next step I purchased 5/16" jute braid from Michael's.  You get 3 yards on the spool.  Starting in the corner I started gluing and pressing the braid to the unfinished edge, covering the mat board and the side of the punch needle.

This is what it looks like on the back once you are finished.

This is the point where you decide if you are mounting it to something else like a board or a frame.  I finished mine with a cut piece of wool and keep it on display as you see it here!

Simple and easy!

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Happy Punching!