December 5, 2018

Tis the Season

I'm not sure if I'm entering the blogging world full time yet but here I am again making another post.
For the first time ever (I think), I decorated the tree by myself.  I've had elves (grandchildren) help in years past but they are getting older and would rather do other things.  It gave me an opportunity to handle each memory as I put it on the tree.....making me feel a little sad and melancholy.  

This ornament was on my tree as a child.  I love little houses (of course I do).

 But the ornaments that I wanted to share were not purchased but made.
My mom's mom, Amanda, created ornaments from eggs....mostly goose eggs.

This egg was cut open so that a display could be featured on the inside. Only goose eggs could handle the great amount of cutting that went on here.  The egg itself is very firm.

The eggs above and below are chicken eggs.

Grandma took old greeting cards and somehow removed the images to place on the egg, then decoupaged the entire thing.  Then she glued ribbons and beads and sometimes her old jewelry to the eggs to add the finishing touch. The images are very 1970's but aren't they sweet?

We all have a few of grandma's eggs on our trees....something to remind us of her and the labor of love she put into these creations.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these very beautiful and special eggs, Diane. Im sure you must look forward to them every year! I never had or made anything like these, but my Grandma helped us do something similar to the cut out one by using walnut shells. Since we had to crack the nutshells anyway for fudge and fruitcake, we would save the intact ones for crafts. Thank you for reminding me! Love to you and yours for Christmas, Shari Witt

  2. Beautiful! Hope the heirlooms we are currently creating will be as cherished as these.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories!

  4. Just came home from a cookie exchange holiday party and this blog just goes with my whole party, decorating , remembering xmas past vibe. �� love it

  5. Lovely blog🎄 Thank you for sharing a tour of your tree!

  6. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Your Grandmother's ornaments are just beautiful. They are truly a treasure. Merry Christmas!

    Sandra in Texas

  7. Those ornaments are so special. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. Such a beautiful art! And the artistic gene has flowed through your family, for sure! I know you’re tickled to have some of her fine creations! Merry Christmas! 🎄

  9. I remember having some of those decorated goose eggs on my tree when I was little. Not sure where they went though. I thought they were wonderful. Beautiful ornaments.

  10. Those eggs are heirloom treasures and pure works of art meds with love! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I found myself very emotional when decorating the tree this year. This is my second Christmas without my Dennis. With each ornament I could recall a time or place but all in all it was good. Your special ornaments are beautiful.

  12. Wow, what treasures! The eggs are gorgeous and make great family heirlooms. Are they difficult to store? I can imagine that the chicken eggs in particular are pretty fragile.

  13. Wonderful keepsakes! Thanks for sharing.

  14. loved seeing those egg ornaments. It brought back memories. I knew a lady in my youth who did all these fantastic eggs. I even went to a "egg show" with her in Miami. There were vendors and exhibits etc and I had not thought of that in many years. Thanks for sharing your memories. You make so many memories for others. Merry Christmas to you and yours mel

  15. Oh my goodness, what beautiful decorations, I've never seen anything like those, they are superb. Thank you for sharing the photos of them with us. I'm hoping to put up our tree today.

  16. Gorgeous ornaments Diane. What wonderful memories of your Grandmother.


  17. I love that you have your grandmother's ornaments. They remind me of the emu eggs my mother decorates with. Mom and Dad had emus for a few years and, of course, the creative instinct took over. My grandmother had her hand in all sorts of creative endeavours, but her true love was ceramics. It's such a blessing to display those treasures each Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, Dianne. Judy

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  22. Oh my, I totally missed this blogpost. I love those eggs, what a wonderful thing to make. Those are precious.

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