May 20, 2018

Punch Needle Finishing

Punch needle designs are rarely finished the same as cross stitch and it can be a challenge.  I have finished one of my new designs in such a way that it doesn't need a mount unless desired.

Let's get started.

First thing you need to do is trim away the excess cloth to within 1" of the punching.  Face down, I apply a tacky glue to the excess portion on the inside and press it to the actual punching.  Stretch it so that the edges roll a bit.  This way the cloth has less of a chance of showing on the side.

Not it's time to cut the mat board to size.  Use the measurements of the piece you just glued to cut the board.  They should match up really well.  If not, cut another piece and try again.

Apply the glue to the mat board and press both of pieces together.  Allow to dry.

For the next step I purchased 5/16" jute braid from Michael's.  You get 3 yards on the spool.  Starting in the corner I started gluing and pressing the braid to the unfinished edge, covering the mat board and the side of the punch needle.

This is what it looks like on the back once you are finished.

This is the point where you decide if you are mounting it to something else like a board or a frame.  I finished mine with a cut piece of wool and keep it on display as you see it here!

Simple and easy!

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Happy Punching!