November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving week......

In a world filled with so much uncertainty and turmoil, 
it's good to take time to remind ourselves of the blessings 
in our lives and all we do have to be thankful for.  

At the top of my list is that my cancer was caught early
and that I have a
chance of never going down this road again.

I am thankful for my wonderful family, the roof over my head 
and the food on my table.  Simple.  True.  Timeless.

* * *

We ended the Sampler Tree Ornament series with this design,
Christmas Angel

For now, there are no 12-month series in the works. 
 I am taking a break from the pressure of them for now.  
I hope that 2016 will give me more peace than I had in 2015 
which would include a little time to just "be."

I did however start a new line within the company called "These Are My Sheep."  
The first, Born in a Manger, gives you a good idea of the style 
and theme of the line.....biblical sheep!

The third design we released is called "Three Snowy" Hills."
It's a classic LHN design featuring favorite!

Next month we will have a new Hometown Holiday design and a
 return to our pattern line, All Dolled Up! with a cute wintry piece.

Gracie and her brother Luke just celebrated their sixth birthday!  

I count you all among my blessings!