April 25, 2012

The life of bees. . . . . .

Our orange tree is so fragrant and filled with blooms.  The smell has not gone unnoticed by the local bees.  

I love this guy. . . . head first into the bloom!

This one looks like a circus performer the way he is hanging upside down.

The next one I nick-named the bee bye-bye. . . . . . 

April 22, 2012

Do you remember my Granny Square Afghan?

A while back I bought yarn to create an old fashioned granny afghan.  Well, it fell into the category of UFO, collected some dust and then was remembered by me a year and a half later.  I think I had put it away because I just didn't like all of the black (even though I decorate with a LOT of black).  And too, if you own a dog that sheds a lot (me, me, me!), you know black seems to be a magnet.  So in showing a friend my squares, it occurred to me to simply change the direction and make the dominate color the beige that was already in each square.

It had taken on a completely different look by emphasizing the beige.  All that is left is the joining and the border!  For anyone interested in colors, you will need the following in Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand: Honey, Beige, Black and Dusty Green.

Happy Stitching,

April 20, 2012

Look at what I found!

This black tin tub was on sale at Michael's for 50% off so I grabbed it up.  Immediately I thought of stuffing it with smalls but I don't have any except ornaments!  But for those of you that do, I think they would display really well in one of these.  Years ago a stitcher finished off all of her Thread Pack Fruits (there are 12) and filled them in a basket if my memory serves me right.  I thought it was so adorable.  

Just a cute idea for those of you looking for spaces and places to store the little stitches in life.  :)

Happy Stitching,

April 18, 2012

Does your dog do this?

Gracie has four legs but you would never know it to look at her in this photo.  This just isn't a one-time event. . . . she does this all of the time and so does her brother Luke.  It must be comfortable or I doubt she'd keep doing it.  Does your dog do this? One front leg is tucked neatly underneath her and the other three are out in plain sight.

It's a very warm night in Tucson which is why Gracie is laying on the cooler tile.  Temps are headed up close to 100 by Sunday.  Looks like we aren't going to get a spring this year.  :(

April 13, 2012

Summer Band Sampler

It all began with the Winter Band Sampler many, many months ago.  I hadn't planned for any more seasons but the emails I received convinced me I had to do three more.  The Summer Band Sampler is the last of the four and ships to our distributors on Monday.

Bad weather is on the way so I think this weekend will be a stitch-in.  I am working on a reproduction that both mom and I have stitched on together.  A little strange, I know,  but you can't tell our stitching apart from one another so it worked out great.  While I was designing she took over for a while and I was oh-so thankful!  She is now stitching a monstrous design I acquired from an auction house in England.  It has houses, animals, people and a nice verse.  Very "Little House".  Don't ask when it's coming out as I can honestly say I'm clueless at this point!  Mom will let us all know.  :)


April 10, 2012

Sleigh Bells Ring

Oh goodness. . . .this ornament might be my favorite of the year.  "Sleigh Bells Ring" is one of those miniature designs that says so much in such a small space.  

My finish was super simple, in large part because I am not that great at finishing!  But anyway, it's one you all can do.  The finished design was first anchored to the top piece of wool, then the front and back were sewn together with a blanket stitch.  Fill with a small amount of stuffing before closing.  It's primitive, homemade, and the simplicity makes the design stand out.  The supply list is already on our web site.  Shipment to distributors is scheduled for next week.

I'll have one other design to show you this week so keep watching!

Now I have to tell you something sweet.  Many of you have come to know my mom by way of this blog and the stitching she has done for me.  Anyway, just last week she taught someone to cross stitch.  Mom, who is 80, is still stitching models and came across someone who was interested in what she was stitching.  Next thing I knew she was on the phone with me telling me her news.  I remember when mom taught me to stitch using a graph rather than stamped cloth.  I was a new mom and stitched a sweet little Bambi design from a Disney book.  What special memories for all of us, remembering our first stitches.