February 25, 2011

Weathered Vine

You might think I'm talking about what my vines look like after the numerous hard freezes in my back yard but I'm not.  Weathered Vine is the first Belle Soie (silk) in the seasons thread pack from Crescent Colours that released this month (see posting below).
I l-o-v-e stitching with silk but I have heard that some of you are afraid of it.  Trust me. . . . . there is nothing to fear.  Belle Soie comes with five strands attached to the card and within each strand are 12 ply of silk.  That is double what comes in overdyed cotton or DMC.  You simply tap-tap the end of the strand and pull one thread and then the second.  I stitch with two strands on 30 and 32 count but some people stitch with only one on 32 and the higher counts of linen.  You get REALLY good coverage with silk.  It's plump and soft. 

You can see there is variation in the silk so if you are one of those people who don't like striping in a design, simply switch the direction of the second piece when realigning them.  Sharon did this and then I tried it myself on an upcoming design and it is beautiful.  You get an aged appearance without stripes.  I like the stripes/banding on rooftops and some other things but now I am sold on this other way of using overdyed as well.

Another tip. . . . . . . use a good needle!  If the eye of the needle is rough you'll have problems.  And too, cut the length in half if you don't like stitching with long pieces.  When it is time to "lengthen" your thread in the needle don't pull on the needle.  Instead move the needle by hand up the length of the silk.  All of these tips should make stitching with silk super easy and give you beautiful stitches that sit nicely on top of the fabric.

One more thing. . . . . that is a look at the cocoa linen in the background.  I love it!  It also comes in 35 count in which case you would use one strand of the silk.

Happy Stitching,

February 21, 2011

Worth Mentioning. . . . . .

If you think you may want one of the Nashville sets, "Fresh From the Garden" (see below), contact your shop owner so that they can be sure to get you a set before they are sold out.  The sets are limited! 
If you need to locate a shop that can order it for you, try this link at the distributor's web site: 
Happy Stitching,

February 20, 2011

New Thread Packs

I have been waiting and waiting to show you these new silk thread pack designs from Crescent Colours and LHN.  I designed them a while ago but we waited until now to release them.  Each pack comes with a skein of Belle Soie (stitches like butter) and the chart.  You provide the fabric and needle.  The packs will be released every other month.  If you have never stitched with silk before this is the time to try it! 
Be sure to scroll down to the next post to see the "Fresh From the Garden" that was just released yesterday at the Nashville Needlework Market!

Happy Stitching,

February 19, 2011

2011 Nashville Release! Fresh From the Garden!


We've gone country and planted a garden in rich, 
dark colors that I know so many of you love!!! 

Little House Needleworks, Impie, Hattie & Bea, Crescent Colours and Hoffman Distributing are happy to bring you our newest release, Fresh From the Garden!  The pattern includes both charts, one for the framed design and one for the inside of the needlebook cover.  The pack also includes the Crescent Colours thread you need to stitch both designs.  The fabric, which is 30 count Straw linen from Weeks Dye Works is purchased separately as is the needlebook/tomato set made by Impie, Hattie, & Bea.  The outside of the needlebook is a deep hunter green.  The black fleamarket styled frame is from Crescent Colours and can be ordered through your local shop.  The flower you see at the bottom of the frame is at the top too!

Happy Stitching,

February 9, 2011

Second ornament of the year!

Hooray!  I finally have this photo of the second ornament in the 2011 series to show you.  It's called "Bringing Home the Tree" and was stitched and finished by Vonna.  You'll see when you get your chart that the puppy is wearing tiny boots.  :)  The supply list will be up by the end of the week on the LHN web site.

Happy Stitching,

February 8, 2011

An awesome gift!

You all know Vonna don't you?  Well one day she and I were discussing penny rugs and I was wishing I had one but didn't think I had the know-how or time to get one finished.  She offered to make it for me!!  Yes she did!  Anyway, it arrived yesterday and all I can say is "WOW!"  It is simply gorgeous.  Thank you Vonna for being such a great friend AND business pal!
Happy Stitching,

February 6, 2011

It HAS been a long time!

Sorry about not posting since "forever ago"!  At first I didn't have anything to share, then I came down with the flu, then I was busy, and, and, and. . . . . .well. . . . that's how it was.  LOT'S of excuses!

Yesterday my oldest grandchild, Juliet, celebrated her 9th birthday.  Nikki always throws great parties.  :)

I'll be previewing the next ornament this week so stay tuned!!

Happy Stitching,