November 26, 2011

Did you notice????

Thanksgiving is not officially over until the leftovers have been eaten!  That should be some time later today.  :)  Anyway, I decided that I needed to take down the blog header and put up something more festive.  So I took a few pictures, created the banner and slipped a little something in you haven't seen before.  The bottom right corner is a small view of the Elizabeth Hancock Reproduction that comes out in December!  It's reds, greens, whites. . . . gorgeous colors for Christmas even though it isn't a winter design.  And if you look carefully and with a magnifying glass, you'll also see an unreleased ornament in the cubby.  I doubt you can make it out very well.  That's the first ornament in January.  I love how the ornaments display in the cubby.  Many of you have written me to ask how to find it.  Well, it's a Pottery Barn item and it must be a popular one because they still carry it.  And now they even ship internationally so those of you who had been disappointed can now get one for yourselves!

Back to my happy stitching,

November 23, 2011

It's Wednesday!

I am on day two of Thanksgiving Day prep here at the Williams house.  

I found beautiful glitter pumpkins at Michael's a month ago and added a berry garland and fall flowers for table decorations.  The grandkids will probably start tossing the pumpkins around right away but at least for today it all looks pretty.  The pies are baked, the turkey thawed (yea!), and the remainder of the food in a holding pattern until tomorrow morning.

Luke got left out of the blog photos the other day but I took one of him at 2-years and 1-day.  He is Gracie's little brother but we use the term "little" lightly as he stands taller and weighs more than her.  He is a love bug. . . . . .can't you see it looking at his face?  

Wishing all of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


November 22, 2011

Would you like to win???

Remember the design "This is My Joy"  that we showed you last week?   LHN and Crescent Colours have a little surprise attached to the design.  Between now and December 16th, if you are the holder of the pattern marked with the number drawn by the random number generator, you will be the recipient of my upcoming new reproduction design, Elizabeth Hancock AND all of the silk to complete the sampler.   On that day, Sharon will give instructions on confirming your win should you hold the pattern with the "drawn" number.  If the winning pattern number has not been claimed in 48 hours or it is sitting in a shop unsold, a new number will be generated until a happy stitcher is found!  Scroll down to the photo and info if you missed the blog post.  Everything you need to know about the pack is there.  You will need to call your local shop to place your order as Crescent Colours is a wholesale company and cannot ship direct to the consumer.

Happy Stitching,

November 21, 2011

Gracie is Two!!!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Gracie,
Happy Birthday to you!

Gracie and her brother, Luke are two today!

November 17, 2011

This Is My Joy

Little House and Crescent Colours have a fun little holiday surprise for you.  "This Is My Joy" will be available for shipping next week.   This is a small pattern packed with one skein of silk in your choice of four different color ways.  You can order from one of the following silk colors: Cinnamon Stick, Icing, Collard Greens or Red Fox.  The 30 count Weeks fabric suggestions (named clockwise from the upper left) would be Cocoa, Parchment, Tin Roof and 28 count Gingham Scuppernong.  

Call your local shop and let them know which one to order for you and remember to order by pattern name and thread color.  Note: One skein is included in the pack, not all four.

Happy Stitching,

November 15, 2011

New England Winter Sampler

So this is the full reveal of the "New England Winter Sampler" that ships to our distributors today.  Once stitched, this design is sure to become a family heirloom.  You will need Weeks 30 count Cocoa linen if you want to stitch it the same as the model.  And please do ooh and ahh over the frame from Valley House Primitives.  It is a perfect compliment to the red in the design.  I will be updating the web site this week with full supply details.

Next month we are releasing the last ornament for 2011 along with a spectacular reproduction/adaptation sampler done in reds, greens and white.  My mom stitched it for me and it's beautiful.  Of course I'll get a few peeks out after the first of the month.  :)  Mom is anxious and I don't blame her!

Happy Stitching,

November 9, 2011

Ornament #11

Winter Forest is the 11th ornament this year.  I know there are a number of you that really enjoy stitching woodsy designs for the holidays so this one is for you!  Vonna made it into an adorable pouch. . . . a popular finishing technique since the wool seals itself rather well.  A simple blanket stitch around the design and you're done!  It would finish much smaller if you excluded the wool.  

This pattern and the New England Winter Sampler will be available in a few weeks from now.
Happy Stitching,