July 31, 2012

When a designer is not a photographer. . . . . . .

Have you ever wondered who takes the photos for Little House?  The answer is, I do.  And it isn't easy!  I have had some very nice compliments over the years from stitchers and shop owners on the photos for our covers but in my mind they are never quite good enough.  They either don't capture the details, the colors seem off or the composition is all wrong.  

Just recently a shop owner called on the coloring for the photo "Old Nantucket."  We had a wee of a time trying to figure out if the colors for the house were labeled wrong on the chart or if it was just my photography.  In the end, it was the photograph.  The house itself was the only main color that looked off from the actual model and everything else looked fine.  Why is that?  Does anyone know?  I'd love to be able to bring you covers that would look exactly like the finished piece you are stitching.  

Some of the more difficult fabrics to photograph are grays and greens.  And don't get me started on the gingham checks!!  lol. . . . The greens look grey and the grays look green. Help!  Are there any stitchers that can offer advice as to how to get all the colors looking as they should in the photograph?  I'm open to suggestions.  :)

Happy Stitching,

July 12, 2012

New Patterns for July

I know I'm terribly late posting this but since the patterns don't even ship until Monday, I still feel like I'm within the deadline!

The ornament of the month is "Hot Cocoa".  Oh yum!  Wouldn't this make a great box topper if the box was filled with a gift of hot cocoa mix?  Just an idea.  :)

This is our newest "Inn" design called "Patriot Inn".  
It's smaller than most and comes in the Piece of Cake! design line.

Lastly we have "Around the World in 80 Days".  You will see more book covers down the road in 2013.  I think my job for the most part is a fun one.  Designing this chart definitely fell into that FUN category!

The LHN web site will be updated with supply lists within the next few days.  

Stay cool . . . . . .stay indoors and stitch!