November 30, 2013

A special little something . . . . . .

As you all already know, this has been a challenging year.  I didn't have the opportunity to design the normal number of holiday/winter designs I normally do so I decided to treat you all to a little something this year.  

It's Ron's birthday so let's celebrate with this complimentary design called "Seven Pines." 
Right-click the image once you enlarge it.  Fit it to your paper size and print! (I hope this works. . .there was no way to upload a pdf!) 

Many of you saw the news on Facebook that we are adding a fun line to Little House.  If you haven't you can read about it here:

I have dedicated this line of designs to Ron who LOVES the Old West.  The first design in the line will be "The Journey" which was featured here on this blog.

Thank you all for blessing us with your prayers and good wishes this year.  
We are so very thankful for your support!


November 10, 2013

The Journey ~ Part Three

If you have been reading along you know already that this design is very symbolic.  Maybe you have identified with the warrior, the storm, or the struggle that the mountains represent.  

The third symbol is an arrow.  It had two meanings. . . . strength and faith.  We could not have had one without the other.  

The arrow is strong, meant to hit the target (cancer) and win the battle.  Ron's faith and mine were never tested, only strengthened.  The arrow points up to show where our strength comes from.

Ron is doing well.  Healing is fast, then slow, then a step backward.  

That's ok.  Each week he is better than the week before.

We are so blessed to have you praying for him (us).  Thank you for your love and support.  

Ron says if you want me to publish the design I should (I've had emails!).  Would anyone be interested in it?  It's isn't the usual sort of LHN pattern you are used to stitching.  Let me know and I'll decide in the next week.

Happy Stitching,

November 3, 2013

"The Journey" ~ Part Two

I've been putting more time in on the design. . . . . . after reading all of the posts on the last blog entry I felt so inspired to work longer hours on it to bring it to completion sooner, rather than later.  

First there were the clouds. . . . . . . . the storm which represented the illness and the battle ahead.

The treatment journey was seven weeks long.  Or maybe I should say, seven long weeks. 

Below the horse are seven mountains that represent those seven weeks.  The horse is traveling those mountains that to Ron, were hurdles.  A sweet young friend of Nikki's who had battled cancer herself told Ron, "you can do anything for seven weeks."  Those words were were like music in our ears. . . . .yes. . . . . you can do this . . . . .it's only seven weeks.

Seven Mountains, that are now, seven mountains over his shoulder.

Happy Stitching,