December 18, 2013

With the new year on the way. . . . .

Such a busy time of year!  In addition to working hard to keep the printers running (oh what trouble they are giving us!) and making sure we fill the orders, we are trying to get ready to celebrate Christmas with our family.  

This year just feels different than most, probably because of all that we have been through as a family with Ron.  However, I am happy to announce, Ron is in complete remission and we want to celebrate!

Feeling so blessed. . . . . 


I showed this photo on Facebook.  It's a preview of the February Calendar Girl.  She is so sweet. . . . holding her heart for Valentine's Day.  When possible, each of the girls reflects a season or holiday for the month they represent.  You get the idea.  :)

Many of you follow Vonna's blog (  I do.  She is a dear sweet friend of mine who is so talented that everything she does shows it.  I am so glad I discovered her and her talents a number of years ago.  She has been my finisher and model stitcher ever since.

She made this wonderful necklace for me.  When it arrived I was in awe. . . literally.  It seems she took my little house and transported it into a world of miniatures!  I LOVE it!

Thank you again Vonna!

So here's what's coming for 2014. . . . . . we have the February Calendar Girl, a design called "Hands to Work," and "The Journey" which will be featured in our new line called Tumbleweeds.  You can see the western styled blog I have set up for those patterns. I will always give you the link to them right here when we publish a new one.

Happy Stitching,

December 3, 2013

Twelve little sheep. . . . .

My babies. . . . twelve sheep virtues.
The last one, Joyfulness, ships the 12th to our distributors.

I have loved seeing your finishes of these designs on the internet.  If you want to stitch 12 together this was my vision for them.

Happy Stitching,

December 2, 2013

The DMC numbers!

Oh goodness. . . . . I forgot to put the DMC numbers on the complimentary pattern!! 
Here they are in order of appearance:

Happy Stitching!

November 30, 2013

A special little something . . . . . .

As you all already know, this has been a challenging year.  I didn't have the opportunity to design the normal number of holiday/winter designs I normally do so I decided to treat you all to a little something this year.  

It's Ron's birthday so let's celebrate with this complimentary design called "Seven Pines." 
Right-click the image once you enlarge it.  Fit it to your paper size and print! (I hope this works. . .there was no way to upload a pdf!) 

Many of you saw the news on Facebook that we are adding a fun line to Little House.  If you haven't you can read about it here:

I have dedicated this line of designs to Ron who LOVES the Old West.  The first design in the line will be "The Journey" which was featured here on this blog.

Thank you all for blessing us with your prayers and good wishes this year.  
We are so very thankful for your support!


November 10, 2013

The Journey ~ Part Three

If you have been reading along you know already that this design is very symbolic.  Maybe you have identified with the warrior, the storm, or the struggle that the mountains represent.  

The third symbol is an arrow.  It had two meanings. . . . strength and faith.  We could not have had one without the other.  

The arrow is strong, meant to hit the target (cancer) and win the battle.  Ron's faith and mine were never tested, only strengthened.  The arrow points up to show where our strength comes from.

Ron is doing well.  Healing is fast, then slow, then a step backward.  

That's ok.  Each week he is better than the week before.

We are so blessed to have you praying for him (us).  Thank you for your love and support.  

Ron says if you want me to publish the design I should (I've had emails!).  Would anyone be interested in it?  It's isn't the usual sort of LHN pattern you are used to stitching.  Let me know and I'll decide in the next week.

Happy Stitching,

November 3, 2013

"The Journey" ~ Part Two

I've been putting more time in on the design. . . . . . after reading all of the posts on the last blog entry I felt so inspired to work longer hours on it to bring it to completion sooner, rather than later.  

First there were the clouds. . . . . . . . the storm which represented the illness and the battle ahead.

The treatment journey was seven weeks long.  Or maybe I should say, seven long weeks. 

Below the horse are seven mountains that represent those seven weeks.  The horse is traveling those mountains that to Ron, were hurdles.  A sweet young friend of Nikki's who had battled cancer herself told Ron, "you can do anything for seven weeks."  Those words were were like music in our ears. . . . .yes. . . . . you can do this . . . . .it's only seven weeks.

Seven Mountains, that are now, seven mountains over his shoulder.

Happy Stitching,

October 26, 2013

"The Journey" - Part One

Not long after Ron was diagnosed with cancer I felt the need to express what he was going through creatively.  It took a bit of thinking but I arrived at the perfect design for him.  It's called "The Journey" and I will reveal it as it is stitched.  I'm a slow stitcher but I hope you will come back to watch for updates.  The design is unlike anything I have ever created. . . . and rightly so.  

I saw an etching in rock on the internet of what looked like a warrior on a horse.  I remember thinking that yes, he was a warrior about to do battle with cancer.  So at that moment, I adopted a Native American Indian theme for the design.  Ron likes western memorabilia . . . . it was perfect.

Next, I needed symbolism in the design so I chose the rain cloud to depict the storm he was going through.  

Beautiful bands of color are surrounding the design, holding the rider and his horse in place along with the elements.  

Some of the stitches went in while I waited at the cancer center. Others were stitched here at home as I wove prayers into those threads as they were being stitched . . . . . . . I watched, waited and worried and often times just held the piece in my hands, my needle never moving.

I hope to find momentum to finish another large section soon.

Until then. . . . . .


October 21, 2013

Calendar Girls!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I love announcing new patterns!

Beginning in December and running for twelve months. . . . .the cutest little girls 
to celebrate the seasons and the months of the year.  

I will be updating our web site with product information soon.

Sign up with your local shop if you want one or all twelve!

Happy Stitching,

October 20, 2013

Gracie Girl

This photo of Gracie is about a month old but as you know, we are just now trying to get back into the swing of things.  So many of you have followed her since she was a puppy.  

Gracie will be four in November.  If she would quit jumping on the couch to bark at people in front of the house, she would be close to perfect!


October 16, 2013

October Releases . . . .

We haven't shipped yet but we're close. . . .new patterns head to our distributors on Friday.  There are two this month. . . . first is KINDNESS, from the Little Sheep virtue series.  This might be my favorite. . . .  .it must be the  combination of sheep, and pumpkins.   And the black crow buttons are too cute!  

I just love fall!

Second is a design called "Home is Where the Sunflowers Grow."  This is a checked-up design for sunflower lovers everywhere.  It's Ron's favorite flower.  His grandparents had them on their farm so they have a real feel-good memory for him.

On a personal note, Ron is done with treatments and is doing his very best to mend and get back on his feet.  It wasn't easy to go through chemo and radiation at the same time for seven weeks but he did it and I am so proud of his attitude.  The girls at the radiation center said he was their best patient ever. . . . . never complained and always had a smile on his face for them.  That's my sweetie!!

Happy Stitching,

October 12, 2013

Sheep and yarn. . . . . a good combination

Without a doubt, this was the year of the sheep.  
By December we will have released all twelve Little Sheep Virtues.  

Not long after the first release (which was HOPE), I bought some sheep-like yarn and started a granny afghan.  Yes, another one.  You are probably wondering if I even know how to crochet anything else.  I do. . . .but don't want to!  I love grannies! 

The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun and is a bit of a handful to work with.  The results however are worthwhile.  I say this as I get the cobwebs off of the project.  I put it away when the weather warmed up.  In Arizona, yarn and summer just don't match up well.

The two sheepy colors I chose were Barley and Pearls.  I didn't use a pattern . . . just created it the way I do all granny squares with one exception. . . . .I decreased the center joined circle by one chain (I did four and then joined the circle)  and I also decreased the corners by one. . . . two instead of three chains.  The center gets too big and loopy if you chain five and the corners get out of share if you chain three. 

It's cooling off so I wanted to get it out again and get going on the squares.  I may just finish it before summer 2014!

Happy Stitching. . . . . 


October 3, 2013

We are almost there. . . . . .

It has been a long time since I first announced that my husband Ron has been battling cancer.  We have had peaks and valleys along the way but here we are. . . . close to the end of the treatment journey.  

As of this very moment there is just one chemo left and eight radiation treatments.  In my opinion, he has done very well.  Once this stage is behind him, we move onto the "wait and see" stage which involves constant testing.  

It won't be for two full years before we know if Ron is cancer free.  But I guarantee you that no one here will be sitting on their hands waiting during that time and not working!  I have begun designing again and have great plans already in place for the new year.  We even have a new series that we will be announcing in the weeks ahead!  It will overlap the sheep by one month so we will actually be finishing in December with the sheep and starting with the new one.  

Living through and with cancer changes you.  Those of you have been there and done that know exactly what I mean.  I like to think that we have been forever changed for the good.  Thank you for sticking by us and helping us to see this through.  We both feel so blessed.


August 22, 2013

The Bump in the Road

It took us a while to process the news we received a few weeks ago . . . . . I guess you can say that it knocked the wind right out of our sails.  Our "bump in the road" is cancer and it is the reality we are facing. My husband, Ron will be starting chemo and radiation on Monday and has a long road ahead of him.  We are optimistic and full of hope for a complete recovery but the journey will be tough.  

We will be doing our best to get our orders filled and finish the year of sheep.  I am even hoping that we can launch a new series at the end of this year but don't hold me to anything just yet!  Gotta take care of my sweetie. . . . . . .he comes first.  

Your prayers are appreciated and welcome!


July 29, 2013

LHN Announcement

A message for those not on Facebook . . . . . . . please direct your stitching questions to your local shop owner or the shop where you purchase your patterns.  And we would like to ask shop owners to direct their questions to our distributors and not email LHN for the time being.

We are continuing on with the sheep to the end of the year as planned and we will also have a few other designs to release but the Hometown Holiday design that was to come out in October is delayed until next year some time.  Sorry!

As I said on FB, we have hit a personal bump in the road which means at this time we are not "business as usual."

Keep on stitching. . . . . .

June 26, 2013

The 2nd Cactus Bloom

Today was a happy/sad day.  Happy because this morning the cactus bloomed but sad because it is dying already.  I did get some beautiful photos of it right before the sun came up.  The sprinklers had left beautiful little water droplets all over the silky petals.  

The scorching heat has arrived in Tucson!  Hoping my fellow Arizonans stay cool stitching indoors!

June 20, 2013

June Releases!

June seemed to be a good month for a bit of farm life so we are releasing two designs with cows!  Maybe we'll start a cow revival.  The first one is "Bessie".  I am thinking she needs a companion so maybe next year I'll design one for her.

I have taken a fancy to her so she is sitting with my milk pitcher on my hutch.

The second cow comes from the design "The Farmer's Daughter" which is so much more than just a cow and a girl. . . . it's an entire farm.  Remember, I grew up in rural Indiana so this speaks to me.  My brother and I rode our bikes to the farm nearby to pick up fresh eggs for mom.  There was a bull on that farm that we were never allowed to get close to but there were also sweet cows and chickens.  This piece reminds me of those earlier days.

And last but not least is the sixth sheep in the virtue series, "Simplicity."  We kept it "simple" to remind us all of the little things we need to appreciate in our lives.  Some times it's just nice to take a deep breath and have an uncomplicated day surrounded by the basics.

Happy Summer Stitching!

June 17, 2013

The top of the Mystery Sampler!

The top section of your sampler is arriving in stores!  The birds are singing in the trees and the sun is shining brightly over this seasonal sampler.

June 12, 2013

10 Summer Stitching Ideas!

Summer is just different. . . . . . it's hot, kids and grandkids are out of school, it's hot (I know I already said that), . . . . . . well you get the idea.  So I came up with a list of ten ideas to revive your summer stitching.  Here they are:

1.  Stitch a surprise gift for a friend.  It isn't her birthday and Christmas is still far away.  These gifts are the best!

2.  Try stitching a pattern by a designer you have never tried before.

3.  Start 3-5 new projects and alternate them weekly.

4.  Add beads to a design that doesn't call for them.  Bling is good!

5.  Step outside your box and stitch a design just because it looks fun.  Not all stitching has to have a purpose.

6.  Add a fun or interesting fiber to a design.  Sheep can be made fuzzy, dragonflies can be made shiny.  Use your imagination!

7.  Stay cool the stitchy way by making your Christmas ornaments now.

8.  Remember waste canvas?  Why not use it to add some cute flowers or ladybugs to summer tank tops.

9.  If you aren't vacationing, why not stitch a beach scene?  I happen to know someone who has quite a few of these designs to choose from.  Nikki loves the beach!

10.  And last but not least, stitch with friends in comfort at your local shop.  You bring the lemonade and someone else can bring the iced tea!

Stay Cool!

June 8, 2013

Just one night. . . . . .

Ron and I have been waiting and watching for one of our newer cactus plants to "give birth".  We were both so excited when a little stub began to protrude from the plant. Day after day the appendage grew larger until suddenly there it was!  

It seemed like we had waited forever for it to bloom and then over night it just appeared!

Then the worst possible thing happened. . . . . .it started to wilt and shrivel throughout the day.  The gorgeous flower that we had waited and waited for simply ceased to exist.  After a little research on the internet I read that the flower blooms at night then dies.  and that is that.  All of that beauty here one hour and gone the next.  Like life. . . . . . .never take what you have for granted.

The good news. . . . . . .there is another bud.  We have one more chance to sit and marvel at the flower that lives for just a night!

May 24, 2013


The LHN blog topped half a million hits!
Thank you all for stopping by to visit.

Our new patterns have reached our distributors.  The info on each of them is up on our web site.


Hometown Holiday Sweet Shop

Happy Stitching,

May 18, 2013

A Scenic Drive . . . . . .

Once in a while I just like to get out and "see" Tucson through the lens.  I am always amazed at the details I miss when I look with my own eyes.  The saguaro are in bloom and are beautiful.  But it wasn't until I saw the photos that I could see the bees!

Beautiful saguaro starting to bloom 

A One Armed Bandit!  (A cactus with one arm)

Ron and Gracie in the look-out post

This area is on the property at Old Tucson

Who says the desert isn't beautiful?  I love this. . . . . . .  :)

So close!  My favorite place in Tucson!  But we had Gracie today so it was off limits.  Maybe next time. . . . .

There she is!  NOT really wanting to get back in the truck.  

Looking toward the back lot at Old Tucson

Saguaro National Park on the drive home

Lots of saguaros!
Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy YOUR weekend!

May 6, 2013

Mystery Sampler

Have you seen the preview of our Mystery Sampler?  Call your shop to sign up!  The first shipment is being sent to Norden Crafts the first week of June.   The clock is ticking. . . . . . . !!

April 23, 2013

Something so rare. . . . . .

A very good friend of mine, Michael, has come across something so rare I just had to ask him if it could be shared on my blog.  Let me start by saying that this is the same man whose ownership of the Nantucket box inspired my design, Old Nantucket.  He is an antiques dealer and comes across wonderful samplers and really good old stuff!  This find is amazing.

Have you ever heard of a "watch sampler?"  It's a tiny piece of needlework stitched with the woman's hair (yes, hair) which was then tucked into the case of the pocket watch of husbands and fathers.

The linen appears American and from what I can tell and the stitching is "over one".  How did such a fragile piece of early 1800's history survive so well??

It reads: 
"Part not with a MOMENT but for its worth."

In a letter attached to the item was a note that this little gem was made by Mary Bowden.

Anyone with any knowledge of watch samplers, please leave your comments here.  Or if you just want to ooh and aah over it, leave those comments too!

Thanks for sharing this Michael!


April 22, 2013

April Releases!

Years ago I was introduced to "Peepers". . . . . . those wonderful little half glasses that can be worn alone or over your regular glasses.  Jean Lea at The Attic fitted me with my first pair.  Since then I have moved to a better pair of progressive lenses that allow me to see detail work while stitching.  "Miss Peepers" is just a fun little whimsical design that should put a smile on your face while stitching.

Miss Peepers

The other designs are from the two ongoing series, Little Sheep Virtues and Hometown Holiday.

Little Sheep Virtue, Courage

Hometown Holiday - Caroling Quartet
Next month we will publish the fourth Hometown Holiday design which is a sweet shop, then we take a break for a bit.  This gives us all time to get caught up with buildings, cubes, stitching etc. I will let you know when the fifth design in the series is coming.  I can tell you this though. . . . . . it's a General Store.  

Remember you can join me on Facebook here: FACEBOOK

Happy Stitching, Diane

March 15, 2013


I just realized I never put the photo of the Nashville project on my blog.  This is obviously quite late.  Sorry!  Anyway. . . a fun project that Vonna has already completed!  Goodness gracious she's a fast stitcher!  The "kit" comes with pattern and thread, you supply the fabric.

We'll be updating the web site, blog and FB next week with the new designs!

Happy Stitching,