June 8, 2013

Just one night. . . . . .

Ron and I have been waiting and watching for one of our newer cactus plants to "give birth".  We were both so excited when a little stub began to protrude from the plant. Day after day the appendage grew larger until suddenly there it was!  

It seemed like we had waited forever for it to bloom and then over night it just appeared!

Then the worst possible thing happened. . . . . .it started to wilt and shrivel throughout the day.  The gorgeous flower that we had waited and waited for simply ceased to exist.  After a little research on the internet I read that the flower blooms at night then dies.  and that is that.  All of that beauty here one hour and gone the next.  Like life. . . . . . .never take what you have for granted.

The good news. . . . . . .there is another bud.  We have one more chance to sit and marvel at the flower that lives for just a night!


  1. So Beautiful! Isn't nature marvelous?

  2. The flower is fantastic.
    Nature makes beautiful things, too bad it's over.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I have a tiny lemon tree on my balcony that I've been staring at for months, waiting for it to bloom! At the end of last summer, it got so hot outside that I thought for sure it had died, but it's nice and leafy green now. I guess that'll have to satisfy me!

  4. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. well,it was beautiful while it lasted, denise

  6. Cacti have the most amazing blooms and that one was worth waiting for, lucky you were home when it happened, and I am so happy you got such good photos of it, thanks.

  7. I had one of these in my front yard (in Mesa) and we tracked the flower progress each year. Sadly, it died a couple years ago and I have no idea what kind of cactus it is to replace! Do you know the name of this variety? I'd love to get another one!

      This is what I found when I went looking.

  8. Wow, sweet! I didn't know a cactus could have such beautiful flowers!!!

  9. It's such a pretty bloom! What a shame it doesn't last longer. It's a good thing you were around to catch it when it bloomed. This is the first that I hear of such a thing.

  10. Hopefully, the bees got at it!

  11. i have another kind of cactus that blooms in the same way. As i had already from several years i am now a little less sad when the beautiful flower goes down in the morning.
    But i'm happy all summer long as even if it's a small plant every year it gives me from 6 to 9 flowers, and this year 4 together in one night!!!

  12. ps: the flowers of my cactus are light pink <3 <3 <3

  13. Great ideas; in fact, I stitched four Christmas ornaments this month, and currently I am working on one of your designs - "Exodus" ("Thou shalt not bear false witness...") - it is my first LHN project, not counting the freebie you posted a while ago... Thank you very much!



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