May 18, 2013

A Scenic Drive . . . . . .

Once in a while I just like to get out and "see" Tucson through the lens.  I am always amazed at the details I miss when I look with my own eyes.  The saguaro are in bloom and are beautiful.  But it wasn't until I saw the photos that I could see the bees!

Beautiful saguaro starting to bloom 

A One Armed Bandit!  (A cactus with one arm)

Ron and Gracie in the look-out post

This area is on the property at Old Tucson

Who says the desert isn't beautiful?  I love this. . . . . . .  :)

So close!  My favorite place in Tucson!  But we had Gracie today so it was off limits.  Maybe next time. . . . .

There she is!  NOT really wanting to get back in the truck.  

Looking toward the back lot at Old Tucson

Saguaro National Park on the drive home

Lots of saguaros!
Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy YOUR weekend!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I hope I have a chance to visit your part of the world.

  2. I think this is on a soon to be drive for the Tuscon area

  3. In a few weeks watch for the closed buds of the saguaro blossoms. The birds will peck at them and you will see a bright fuchsia color from inside! Gorgeous.

  4. Great pictures, thanks that I was allowed to participate.
    Have a nice weekend
    LG Martina

  5. Wow! Great pictures, hot & sunny!!! I'm so envious, it would make such a change from rainy UK :D

  6. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I feel like I was right there with you by looking through your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them!


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