February 21, 2010

Our Weekend

Ron and I spent the weekend with kids, grandkids and two pups in the snowy mountains of northern Arizona.  It was supposed to be sunny while we were there but a storm moved in and dumped more snow on the mountains and the roadways.  I grew up in Indiana so snow is not foreign to me but we were not prepared for the travel this morning. 
This gorgeous scene is what we awoke to.
The next picture is of me and my girl, Gracie.  I nicknamed her GG while we were away for Gracie Girl and Ron just shakes his head. . . . . he says you can't call a Golden Retriever "GG".  Wait and see Ron. . . . just wait and see!

We are home now and we need to get back to work but it sure was nice taking some time to just relax and enjoy life a bit.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    GG is so cute!

  2. Love the wintry scene. AND the photo of you and GG! You are both beautiful!

  3. I really enjoy your picutures of "GG". She's growing so fast!

  4. Diane - Gracie and I share a nickname! I am called GG by my granddaughter. My last name begins with G, so it's short for Grandma G*****. I was originally going to go with something else, but it got taken on the other side. It took me a year to come up with GG. Hope Gracie enjoys it as much as I do!

  5. Lovely pics and that snow looks so pretty.

  6. Little Gracie is growing nice and big. She looks beautiful. And GG is just fine.

  7. Beautiful couple!

  8. What great pics! GG is so cute!

  9. I bet that sweet GG just loved the snow. :) I love that photo of you two. Great shot.

  10. The snow is beautiful but I hope it's gone before we go to AZ next month. lol!

    Great picture of you and Gracie.


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