June 13, 2010

I don't just design and cross stitch. . . . .

. . . . . .  I collect Cars from the Pixar movie too!  Toys aren't just for kids.  I fell in love with these precious metals as soon as they came out a few years ago.  Ron and I began collecting them immediately and found we had a lot of fun hunting them all down.  My favroites are the "girl cars" that are in the picture.  They remind me of an ice cream shop and colorful scoops of ice cream. 

Don't anyone tell me I ruined their value by taking them out of the box!  For us the value is in the enjoyment the grandkids have had playing with them!  Darn!  I still wish I had my old Barbie doll too!  lol. . . . . .


  1. Awww...those are sweet :)
    Now my whole vision of you is ruined by knowing you play with toys....LOL! *grin*

  2. LOL

    I haven't gotten those but I do have all the Happy Meal toys for Pocahantas. :) And many of the other Disney movies. As well as the movies themselves.

    I also have a sizeable collection of older matchbox cars and Fisher Price toys. When we set up the basement there is a room that was set aside as a playroom for the nieces and nephews. :) Most have out grown the toys but the toys still sit waiting for new playmates. My Mother (aka Nana) always wanted enough for the grandkids to play with so they were less apt to "play" with her things. :) And you know what? My Nana (her Mother) did the same thing. Only she kept coloring books for us children.

  3. No, you did't ruin them...:) My one son loves these as well to the point where he has a Wal*Mark semi trailer! You've given me a totally different image of you! :D


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