July 5, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Who says parks are for kids only? If we had had the ability and stamina, we should have put Gracie into agility training and entered her into competition. She loves the playscape at the park and can do it all except climb the stairs!
See the ball????
Watch out!  Here I come!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Oh that's brilliant! Dogs aren't allowed in our local park unless they're guide dogs. It's lovely to see them having fun :o)

  2. I can still see the pup in her in the second picture. Such a beautiful dog...and she is so blessed to have owners like you!

  3. be a young pup again! She is soooo much fun isn't she........Nancy

  4. That is so cute! Gracie much be so much fun! Cathryn

  5. Gracie is adorable. What a playful puppy. It is fun to watch her grow. Pat

  6. Ellie is wondering...did Gracie go to her park? LOL!

  7. Hi I am one of your french fan, I have stitched several of your treasure. I am also a lover of Labrador ou your baby Gracie is a true little love, I fall in love with her. My beloved dog was a labrador too, same colors as yours and he has been one of the biggest joy of my life until this day. He is gone last year after 14 years of love, a wonderful story. Gracie is only a wonderful baby and you will have much joy with her.
    Kisses from Paris in France.

  8. Such great pictures, Diane. She looks like she's having so much fun.


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