December 13, 2011


I love seeing my holiday decorations come out of hiding, don't you?  Between autumn and winter, I really don't know which color palette is my favorite.  But red is definitely one of my favorite colors!

This little ornament doll is one I made years ago.  In fact I made a ton of them and gave them as neighbor gifts that year.  She is made from a simple muslin body that only has arms and a head.  The dress is a rectangle folded in half.  The arm areas are left open then a neck hole cut in the middle.  Gathers here and there and a hot glue gun and it's finished.  Very simple even without a pattern.

What you see here is the bottom of my new Charlie Brown Tree (the top is in the view above).  They sell them at Pottery barn (not by that name) in different sizes.  I need one red ornament to make it look authentic.  The cardinal moved on to another spot in the house.  :)

This is a part of my Dept. 56 Nativity. I will share my favorite section closer to Christmas.

Happy stitching, 


  1. Love the Raggety Ann Doll!

  2. i love the doll too..beautiful decoration xx

  3. Your decorations are beautiful!

  4. I love all your holiday decor, especially Mis Raggedy Ann! She's adorable!
    Your last ornament of the year is a lovely one Diane. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!


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