January 5, 2013

Woolly Sheep - A Craft Project!

These days my mind is just full of sheep related ideas.  I wonder why?  If you finish the Little Sheep Virtue pillows as I did, you will probably end up placing them in a basket, trencher, or something similar.  I am imagining mine laying on a bed of leafy greens and in the midst. . . . . .a woolly sheep!

When I first decided to create a dimensional sheep for the series I knew it would have to be easy enough for all of you to create without a pattern which is why it is so simple in design.  You can dress yours however you wish and modify it to your liking.

Gather your supplies: Two wool colors, 4 toothpicks, small amount of worsted weight yarn to cover the toothpicks, white glue, fiberfill, distressing agent and thread.

Let's begin.  Cut two pieces of wool for the body 3-1/2" x 5".  I used Weeks Wool in Snow Cream.

Next, place both pieces together and round all four corners with a sharp pair of scissors.

Cut one piece of dark wool, I used Weeks Chestnut in the Houndstooth pattern, 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" and another piece 2" x 1-1/2"

Fold the wide piece in half and cut a shape for the head.  I curved the top down and the bottom up.  Be sure to cut through the fold so that you are left with two matching pieces.  Take the second piece, fold it and cut two ears.

The wool looks grey/blue but it was brown.  Bad lighting!

Pin the head to the body pieces and sew in place with contrasting thread.  Just little running stitches will do.  Then pin the front to the back and begin sewing together with a blanket stitch.

Once you get to the bottom edge, stop.  You now need to make the legs.  I snipped off one pointed end of each toothpick before wrapping each with a spiral twist of the yarn.  When I reached the bottom I cut the yarn, dabbed it with white glue and twisted it onto the wrapped yarn, holding it in place for a minute so it would stick.

Put the unfinished end of the toothpick into the body, take a stitch, add the other leg, stitch the belly and repeat for the other two legs.  Stop and stuff the sheep lightly then continue closing it up with the blanket stitch.  

Once it is completely sewn, dab white glue to the legs where they meet the wool (pick one side to be the back).

Pinch each ear to crease then sew to the top of the head.

At this point I added a tricket to her rear and took her to the kitchen to add light distressing.  Both sides were sprayed with "Distress It" and left to dry.  

Simple and easy . . . . no pattern required. 

While I know my sheep won't win any blue ribbons, it's a fun little project and will add a bit of interest to your basket as you finish your sheep pillows.  

Have fun and happy stitching!



  1. This project is adorable! Thank you for the tutorial. I am going to make a few sheep. Where can I get the "Distress it" spray?

    1. My LNS carried it but they are no longer in business. Run a Google search and see what comes up. You can also use a strong tea or coffee blend but plan on throwing your spray bottle away afterwards because it just won't get clean. You can also distress the wool before sewing by wetting a tea bag and pouncing it over the wool and yarn.

  2. Oh Goodness! That is just lovely. As are you!
    I think I see the need for some 'Virtuous Little Sheep' in my life!
    To save on postage, though, I'll wait until a few designs are released.
    Thank you!

  3. Just too darn cute...can't wait to make one or two or....

  4. Carinissima!! Bravissima:-) buon weekend.-)

  5. You are just too clever for words! Absolutely adorable.

  6. What an adorable idea. Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Easy and cute, what a great combination!

  8. Very cute sheep! Thank you for the tutorial. :-)

  9. This is adorable and allows us one more waybto have a ton of fun. wih this series... I LOVE this sheep series.

  10. Very beautiful sheep !!!!
    Greetings from Italy
    La Sportina

  11. Cutest thing I've ever seen...BAAAAAH none - especially the yarn-wrapped toothpicks!

  12. Your sheep is so pretty ! This new year 2013 I've chosen to organize for the 7th year the SALpin 2013 and i've chosen to stitch only your creations. I will show it on my blog ther first one on the end on january.
    happy new year to you, and sorry if my english is not good !


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