June 8, 2015

My Journey........

I've made a good bit of stitching progress.  
This design not only fills an important need in my life but 
it is giving me peace when I work on it.

That's me up there.  I look happy!

The bright pink is Classic Colorworks new color, 
Strawberry Parfait.

There is more stitched than what is showing but I'm saving it for later.
Maybe next week.

Regarding treatment, I am in limbo right now.  
There is a problem with my right arm and it may 
prevent me from starting radiation on time.   
I should find out Friday.  Nothing I can do about it so I am trusting 
that God has this covered too!

Thank you all for your posts on this blog.
Everyone is so positive and encouraging!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Diane, the design looks fab! Continued well wishes and prayers to you for your recovery.

  2. I am praying Diane.
    What a great design. That could be me up there too. I love pink. My kinda house for sure!

  3. Thinking of you and continuing to pray. Thank you for the peeks of your journey design.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Anonymous3:18 PM

    the design looks great Diane can't wait to see it.
    You hang in there God's got you covered, how can he
    not, when there are so many prayers coming your way!
    take care
    Darlene N in Michigan

  5. I've always found stitching to be very relaxing, so stitch away. Thank goodness God is always there for us! Great piece and new's pink, what's not to like?!

  6. Continuing to pray for you (and your family as well) during all of this.

  7. Cute design! Praying specifically for healing in your arm for start of treatment.

  8. Thank you for the design update, Diane, it's beautiful. I wish you all the strength and luck in the world, and I do hope everything works out. Hang in there.

  9. You and your family are in my prayers my dear
    Beautiful stitching x

  10. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Diane I love the design! The colors are beautiful! God has you covered and we are praying for you!! Can't wait to see the rest.

  11. Your design is looking so cute already. Love the pink. Continued prayers to you and Ron. You are right God has you covered.

  12. Diane, Sending love, hugs and prayers for you and Ron. Cathryn

  13. Keeping you in my thoughts. Your design is so that pink.

  14. I love it. Beautiful!!! Smack

  15. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Sending you love and healing prayers daily. Your design is so very beautiful! Stitching is such a happy and healing thing to do - and spreads beauty everywhere. Blessings, joy, and Peace <3

  16. Still praying for your recovery hon!!! Beautiful stitching on your design! I know it brings you peace and comfort!! Stay strong hon!!

  17. My thoughts are with you ! Hope everything goes well with your arm so you can begin with radiation.
    The design looks wonderful.

  18. It is a lovely design and I just can't stitch fast enough to keep up with my wants, I mean needs-lol. Waiting for answers, waiting at the doctor's office, waiting for them to call, waiting for the next appointment, waiting to start treatment-so hard to deal with because it's natural to want to 'want it now-fix it now-move on-be aggressive-get 'er done!" Praying for patience, praying for uplift in spirit, praying for your doctor, praying for God to heal, praying for strength mentally and physically.

  19. My thoughts are with you. Your ability to turn a difficult time into such creativity, inspires me.
    I know you will have the strength needed for every step in this journey.

  20. Beautiful piece you're working on! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. What a lovely stitch! You are in my prayers.

  22. What a beautiful stitching project you are working on - I think we will all want to stitch it soon. And that Strawberry Parfait color is such a pretty shade of pink - delicious!

    Mostly though, remember that our thoughts, prayers and blessings are with you - always!!


  23. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Battle on!

  24. How cute. You are in my prayers as well.

  25. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Lovely work, especially that strawberry parfait color.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for you and yours
    Bea/Atlantic Canada

  26. Hello Diane
    How are you?
    Congratulations for the work !
    are magnificent , I love embroidery to cross stitch .
    A friend of mine Embroidered Library, was very beautiful.
    I liked all over some than others but they are all beautiful , which I fell in love with was the Litle Sheep Virtues and enjoyed immense of the embroidery to my house .

    Best wishes!
    a hug

    Ana Margarida Aguiã

  27. Beautiful piece you're working on! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


  28. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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