May 15, 2010

Touring Tucson. . . . . Part One

Every now and then it's nice to re-visit your own town or city.  That's what Ron and Gracie and I did today.  We left the house early and headed for the San Xavier Mission which is south of Tucson.  The mission sits well off of the highway and is affectionately titled "The White Dove of the Desert".  For years now the mission has been under a much needed renovation that you can see when you view the close-up. 
There is a steep hill to the right of the main property and a cross that sits atop that hill.  I didn't wear the best shoes but we climbed the hill and stopped to take this photo looking back on downtown Tucson.   We live much further to the north than the actual city.

The close-up photo shows the before and after renovations so much better.  The repairs and paint on the left and the yet unrepaired side is on the right.  The mission was founded in 1683 but construction on the building did not begin until 1783.

 It was partially destroyed in the 1887 earthquake in Arizona.  See, I told you we have earthquakes here!  Remember I felt one not that long ago!  Gracie wasn't thrilled about this part of the trip at all.  She couldn't wait to leave and find some shade (us too!)  She was quick to get back into the truck and rest.  I'll post part two tomorrow!


  1. Diane - The mission is very pretty. In the second picture - is that grass? Seems awfully green for a desert; or is it some sort of irrigated crop? Love the idea of touring your own town. Thanks.

  2. Katherine it is an irrigated crop. Aside from golf courses and a few back yards, Tucson is lacking in that color of green!

  3. Thank you very much Diane for the beautiful and interesting phtos of your city : the mission is really pretty and makes me think in some missions in south America where I have been living during four years ;
    I also endured earthquakes in Peru and they aren't confortable at all!!
    Please , keep posting so beautiful pictures of your country.
    Have a great sunday ,

  4. Love the mission, it's so pretty! What a fun way to spend your day! It is easy to forget all the neat things to do around your own city, isn't it?

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

    These pics are so gorgeous! I used to live in Phoenix, and I really miss it. I have experienced Arizona earthquakes myself. My first one was just a few days after bringing our new daughter home from the hospital, and I was up nursing her in the middle of the night. I started to feel like my head was swimming, and like I was dizzy. I scared me since I'd just given birth, but then I saw the water in my glass swirling around and around, and I realized what was happening!


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