May 16, 2010

Touring Tucson. . . . . . Part Two

Prickly Pear Cactus
 Gracie didn't care much for the mission visit so we took her to a park for some "Gracie time".   I had never been to this park before and got a good laugh from the sign.  All of Tucson is "desert area"!  OK. . . . . so we had Gracie with us and her snoopy nose could get in trouble if she found a moving object so we did keep a closer eye on her.  There is a beauty in the desert . . . . it isn't all tumbleweeds and dirt! 
Jumping Cholla
Ron and Gracie
Venomous Creature!  (just a little ground dog!) 
Can you spot him in the center of the picture?

That's the end of the mini-Tucson tour.  Ron and I are planning more short trips to re-visit some places we haven't seen in a while but the temperatures are heating up so we'll see how well we do! 
Thanks for stopping by and touring some spots in my home town.


  1. It looks soooo lovely & peaceful.

  2. Thanks for the tour! I wish we would have had time while we were in AZ to drive a little further down to Tuscon. Maybe next time!

  3. It is magnificent which beautiful country!
    Best regards of France


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