September 17, 2010

New Floor Stand!

After wondering if I should or shouldn't for over a year, I bought a new floor stand to hold scroll rods.  There was nothing wrong with the old stand but it wasn't very scroll rod friendly and worked better with a hoop.  So after the box arrived I spent time staining it and assembling.  I am going to go back to it after I stitch this piece and stain it again as I really want it darker but I had to get moving on this design.  It's made of hard maple so the stain isn't taking to it as well as I had hoped.  But then again, no one said I had to stain it either. . . . .it comes sanded and ready to use.

The frame is from K's and it's called the Ultimate Stitching Station (referred to as the USS in the instructions).  I have set it up beside my desk so I can move by desk chair back and forth as needed. 

While I enjoy the freedom of stitching in hand, my work looks better in a frame and I love having my hands free.  I need to get back to stitching. . . . . .something fun is waiting for me on the flip side of that chart!


  1. I love your set up!! Let me know how you like stitching with the stand!!

  2. WOW Diane, it looks wonderful! Let us know how it works out for you!!
    :D Cathryn

  3. So fun! I have thought about splurging on one, I too would love an update in a few weeks as to how you like it and if your using it!

  4. I just bet there is something wonderful waiting on the flip side of that chart....
    you are a tease ;)

  5. Hi Diane, your new floor frame looks so beautiful and please , could you tell us how it works ?? I have an Ergo Elan for Artisan Designs but it doesn't work very well with scroll rods. As I generally stitch big pieces ,I really would need scroll rods and can put my beads as I am stitching along.
    Please could you give us the link to can look at it ?? Many Thanks in advance :-)

  6. Love this photo--being able to picture where you stitch. Thanks for sharing about your floor stand. I think I'm headed that direction... I think I see one of these in my future! :-)

  7. Diane, I've often wondered how that frame works. I love the adjustable height. It's akin to an artist's easel -- I think I need one. I'll be interested in your experience, as you stitch different pieces with it. Your workspace is lovely -- very peaceful.

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