September 19, 2010

UNICEF Designs

It's that time of year again!  My dear friend GiGi has this year's collection posted on her blog:  LHN has contributed one of the designs.  It is sitting on the second tier on the very left.

The patterns are available as a download or by regular mail though there is a price difference between the two.  The sales begin after the 26th but there is no harm in looking now!  Details are on that link.  And remember, once sales are complete for the year, that's it. . . . . . .the end is the end and there won't be another time to buy.  I'm just saying that with emphasis because I know stitchers have been disappointed in past years.

I have seen the download file and it is simply wonderful!  Yes, you have to own this!  You will have so many little designs to stitch for a long time to come.  And just think, you'll be helping UNICEF recipients around the world!  Thank you GiGi and Sophie for all of your hard work.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I only heard about this last year after the fact and I wasn't sure when it took place.

  2. That of beautiful embroidery, I finally received my index card(form) the sampler family I began yesterday I am going to be able to put on the forum of the sal my headway(overhang)!
    I put a lot of time(weather) to receive my index card(form) that I commanded(ordered) in Italy, I being in France, moreover your last index card(form) on Halloween is not still available at home.
    Gaped in Caracas had asked me your e-mail to write you I passed on to him(her).
    I am honored to speak to a so big creator!
    Best regards marylin


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