May 30, 2012

Plant a Garden With Thread!

Oh how I wish we could have a garden!  A good friend of mine is busy planting hers in a state far away where the soil is rich and the conditions perfect for seeds and new plants.  As for me, gardens need to stay on blog backgrounds (see the new wallpaper?) and on linen!

Fresh Watermelon

Fresh from the Garden

If you are like me and can't plant a garden, or simply don't have a green thumb, take a peek at these LHN designs and see if there is one here that takes the place of a real garden!

Garden Pleasures

Gourmet Garden

Stay Cool and Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh yikes...such a lovely garden too! ;)

  2. And these are beautiful gardens that don't need weeded or watered! HA!! We can enjoy them all year long too!! :)

  3. Anonymous1:59 AM

    they're beautiful Diane!
    I'm garden impaired too ;D, and I understand your feeling for one of your own, completely.. that's why your garden stitching went straight into my shopping list for this weekend's the Festa del Ricamo! :D
    happy xxx,


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