January 22, 2010

Here is Sleeping Beauty.  Is she in her bed?  No.  Is she on a rug?  No.  Gracie likes to find a spot on a foot, on feet, between feet and just go to sleep.  You have only a matter of a minute to move or you're stuck (unless of course you want to wake her.)  So these are Ron's shoes.  He stopped briefly to chat with me and she did her thing.  Maybe she has separation anxiety! 
Oh I sure hope not. . . . . .


  1. Ohh what a sweetie. Did he stand there all day?
    I might have. LOL


  2. Diane-We love to visit your blog to see updated pics of Gracie-girl as well as your new projects! Gracie is a smush! GIve her kisses from all of the girls at The Strawberry Sampler!!

  3. She is so cute! My Holly used to do the same thing! We hated to have to move our feet to wake her,because she slept on whosever feet she could find. Enjoy!

  4. LOL

    Love her pose. :)


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