January 21, 2010

It seems to me I have the hang of blogger.  :) 

I've added a few links, a way to follow and post to the site and I "prettied" it up.  So now it's time to go cuddle little Gracie who probably feels I neglected her today. 

One more thing. . . . . . you can expect ornaments from Nikki and I in both the JCS ornament preview issue and the regular ornament issue that come out later this year!


  1. Everything is look GREAT! I will definitely look forward to yours & Nikki's ornaments in the ornament preview and the ornament issues!! Excellent!!!

  2. Found your new site but unable to become a follower. Humph! Love the new preview!!!

  3. Welcome with " Bloggern" …
    I like your Design!
    Love greeting, *Manja*

  4. Love the new blog! And the sneak peek of the ornament is great. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    The past two days have been hectic so I didn't get to see this until today. Rory has a show Sat. :) I can't wait to see more photos and updates on Gracie.


  5. Hi Diane

    Your blog is really lovely and looks so warm and inviting! I love the little snippet of your new ornament and I think you will really enjoy having this new blog! Very pretty!!

  6. I am extremely excited that there will be ornaments from the both of you in BOTH issues!!! I love the series you are doing now too =)

  7. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Yay, your ornies are usually in my top 5 faves every issue - I'm sure this year will be no exception :) PS: Thanks for opening up to allow WP commenters too :D

  8. I love it. I just discovered LHN and love the patterns. I have completed FA LA LA and am now working on the Library. I have The Pear Tree and The Bookshelf to do next. Waiting on The Snowflake, maybe today it will come


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