January 27, 2010

I took this 9-1/2 week photo of Gracie today.  See the shadow of dirt on her nose?  Well she and her brother Luke spent almost two hours outside early this morning, tumbling and playing the way pups do.  But they also had their noses everywhere which explains the dirt.  Her face doesn't have that real baby look any more and her legs are getting longer. 
The good news is that she hasn't noticed my needlework project and thread yet.  I dread to think what may happen to a model if I were to forget to put my project bag up when I'm not stitching. 


  1. She is such a darling and looks so squeezable. I so miss having a fur baby to spoil.

  2. What a cutie! I bet she's really soft, but she doesn't look like she would sit still enough for long enough to snuggle with!

  3. Let us hope that she doesn't take after her distant cousin Rory. He is a floss thief. LOL

    I have learned to make sure that no skeins are out in the open or they disappear. Only to turn up a soggy mess someplace. :)

  4. i have lost plenty skeins of thread whilst having a pup in the house but never my stitching

  5. i have a basset puppy, 5 months old. My husband & I are 15 years removed from puppyhood. Toliet paper and magazines have been strung around the house, but so far, floss, stitching, etc. has been left alone. Gracie is is such a cutie, how do you get anything done, with such a sweet face?


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