March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Last year Ron bought this adorable terra cotta burro.  He planted something in it that died almost instantly.  I think the potting area was just too shallow.  Anyway this year he has cactus and is quite proud of them.  Let's hope he doesn't overwater.  :) 

We also did some new landscaping that finished up this week.  It was fun to breathe warm air, dig some holes in the ground and add some color.  Geraniums are my favorite.  This plant will be full of blooms real soon!

I don't remember the name of this little beauty and Gracie stole the tag right off of it.  It will remain a mystery unless someone fills me in!  The flowers are extremely delicate and a good wind sends the petals flying into the air. ~~~~~~~

On the back wall of the house we planted a sun loving heat tolerant bougainvillea.  I LOVE this plant for the beautiful magenta brackets it grows.  I'm hoping it gets to be a huge plant!
And what would spring planting be without petunias?  Look at these blooms!  I just planted them a week ago and they are budding like crazy.
Hope you enjoyed the botanical photo tour.  Hopefully your spring is right around the corner!


  1. It all looks so gorgeous! I can't wait for spring in New England :) Enjoy


  2. Beautiful photo's ! geraniums are indeed very beautiful. The one you don't know the name of ... the flower looks abitt of the flower of jasmin, there are many of them but it realy looks that way. has it a sweet smell?

  3. It is sooooo beautiful to see flowers!!! I'm longing for some here soon! :) Beautiful pictures!

  4. I have on my house bouganvillea white and fuchsia ... I love it !!! they are strong ... and grow fast!!
    But the lilac flower .. can´t help ... but they are so delicate ...
    Thank you for share with us ...
    Like very much your work ... I am waiting your patterns Hobin and Winter Sheep arrive to me!! Can´t wait!!


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