June 7, 2011

Gracie and the Arizona heat. . . . . . . .

Had I ever mentioned that Gracie does not like the heat. . . . . . .at all?????  She is the biggest baby in the summer, wanting to spend all of her time indoors except when she is playing in the hose or out for an early morning walk.  Her brother Luke still comes to play and wears her out a few mornings each week.  They eat ice cubes together to keep cool (the remnants you see on the driveway) and then pass out.

What a baby!!!

And here's Luke. . . .  . .just taking a moment to relax after a ruff-and-tumble morning with his sister!


  1. What sweet dogs! My cats get super extra lazy in the heat, too. Can't say I blame them, this heat is the pits!

  2. But she's a precious baby!

  3. I can't say I blame her. Summer in the desert heat calls for ice cream and AC! :)

  4. Awwww poor Gracie. She is a beauty. And Luke is one handsome guy. :) My Rory doesn't care for the heat either. I just found a great new product that will help with the heat.

    and Rory too

    5:47 PM

  5. Hey! Another ice cube loving dog! Our dog recently did a food trial to see if she had food allergies (the answer is no), so the only treat she could have was canned dog food of the same variety as the dry food and ICE CUBES! Kelly just thinks they are great. Go figure!!

  6. awwww .. bless her little paws .... hose pipes are ace in the heat and ice cubes are funny to watch them eat them :) love mouse xxxx

  7. What a sweeie Gracie is and Luke is a handsome fellow too. Our first lab, Murphy, did not mind the heat, but any chance he got in the summer he would lay on top of the floor registers! Current lab, Maddie, loves to lounge in the sun and get way too hot in my opinion. Now that I think of it Murphy would lay on the heat register too hogging all the heat in the bedroom and we lived in Iowa at the time!

  8. sweet baby..lots of kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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