June 30, 2011

Mom, Part IV

There are so many great moms in the world. . . . past and present.  My mom is one of them!  She always put her family ahead of herself and stood by each of us with unconditional love.  Even when my brother and I were teenagers!  To this day, she is there for me in more ways than I can count.  When I was thinking about where to start this last blog post before her actual birthday, I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of what a true blessing she is to those that know her.  

That includes me mom!!
The photo comes from 1965 when we lived in Indiana.


  1. I have enjoyed all these posts- Your Mother was and is a beautiful person- Thank you so much for sharing-

  2. too..i really enjoyed all these posts o much.your mom is truly a beautiful lady.
    thank you for sharing with us all xx

  3. I have been enjoying your photos and tribute to your Mom the past few days. I really love this photo Diane! It tugged at my heart.

  4. Lynn. . . . . on that day I was headed to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago for heart surgery and was scared. I was holding on tight to my mom. She says she remembers the day well as any mom would!


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