August 18, 2010

The Family Sampler Update

SO! The Family Sampler should be at our distributors tomorrow which means shops will start ordering and we will finally get those charts into your hands! Hooray! Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher ( has given it a glowing report from a stitcher's perspective which I am EVER so grateful for. She has stitched much of the lower portion which is where you create your family. She has done an awesome job and said it was so easy. I guess I worried for nothing. :)
In reading the blog posts there I saw that one stitcher was wondering about stitching it for herself and one child. We solved that one! In the pack you have a sample page of layouts. We added a fence for a single parent family! See. . . . .I told you I tried to think of as many possibilities as I could! AND, I fully expect to see many of you change the color of the house to reflect your family home!

Just a reminder. . . . .when you stitch and finish your sampler, send me a photo of your design pressed. . . . no need to frame. I will feature as many of them as I can on my web site.

Happy Stitching. . . . .


  1. Thank you Diane for such a lovely sampler. My copy which I won in your draw arrived today and I've been trying out different ideas for it. I'm not sure if I'll get to start it right now since I already have so much on the go but I'm sure going to try!

  2. I just framed my Home of a Needleworker Too -
    It looks beautiful -

    You need to quit confusing me by having sooooooo many wonderful patterns - I always have trouble deciding what to stitch next :) The Family Sampler is looking pretty good to me !!!!!!
    That just might be my new start
    Take Care

  3. I am so looking forward to this one. :) Cathryn

  4. I hope that will arrive at italian shop (Casa Cenina) tomorrow I will order it immediately!!!Than I am honored to send you photos!

  5. Thank you Diane for your charts :) I think the "Family Sampler" is wonderful and I'm looking forward to make it as soon as possible .... I'm so exciting ....

  6. Looking forward to stitching! Thanks for another beautiful design.

  7. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Love it...gotta have it! Along with the other 20+ LHN patterns I have waiting to be stitched!Thanks...alot! LOL!

    HAPPY STITCHIN (or designing in your case),


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