August 7, 2010

Traveling Stitcher

The answer is YES!  I double checked with Mary Kathryn at Impie, Hattie and Bea and there are more sets of the pouch and needlebook.  This pattern is currently seeing a second life (that happens) and I know there are people looking for the matched set for this design.  This is not the original fabric seen in the photo but is from the same Moda line.   You can get information at .  I have a few sets and keep different projects in each.  And YES. . . . . the pattern is still readily available as well.

You know the saying. . . . . . everything old is new again!


  1. I love the Impie, Hattie & Bea pieces I have and am glad to see they are still available! Thanks for letting us know, Diane!

  2. I have this pattern - I need to stitch it so I can buy the pouch and needlebook !!

    Your designs are just fabulous

  3. I have this pouch and needlebook and LOVE it!!! It is just gorgeous!! How wonderful it's still available for others that didn't get it the first time around!!!!!

  4. Good information to know!!! :) I'll have to pass this on to all my friends that still need these project finishers!

  5. I keep my Nook (Barnes and Noble E-Reader) in the pocket, I have not stitched the pattern yet, but it is a nice way to use the pocket everyday.

  6. I am now stitching the pattern with a few stitching friends. I was able to purchase all of us the original pouch and needlebook. We all love it!!!!


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