August 24, 2010

It's still so hot!

Are you ready for fall?  I know I am!  The heat continues day after day making it unbearable to stay outside.  Today is expected to be 104 which is down only one degree from yesterday.  So when it's this hot there is only one thing to do and that's design and stitch which I have been doing A LOT of.  In the evening we go outside with Gracie, water some, do a little yard work and enjoy the setting sun.
Gracie, trying to stay cool.
I am looking forward to fall and the release of a few designs with autumn coloring.  It's my favorite time of year (I'm an October baby).  You can look for snippets of the designs the first part of September.
Momma and baby in our orange tree.
We always get little doves nesting everywhere in our yard.  This little sweetie is sitting on a very low branch in the dense orange tree.  I feel certain she thought she was well hidden.  I saw only one baby (see photo) but they usually have two so the other one is probably somewhere in there.  Maybe he's a little camera shy.  :)
Shades of Summer

So what are you all stitching while keeping indoors on these hot summer days?  Fall or winter designs?  Gifts or something for yourself?

Stay cool friends!


  1. Yes it is HOT. I am looking forward to much cooler temps and being outside more. The valley has another heat advisory and we lack in the storms that cool us down. I am so glad you are getting time to stitch and design. You do such nice work and it helps the rest of us stitch too.

  2. It has been hot and humid here is Nebraska. We just had a front come through last night which brought rain and lower temps and humidity for a couple days. I just finished Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler in a SAL. I am currently working on your monthly ornaments to get caught up. I've finished Fa La La and Frosty Flakes and I'm currently working on The Merry Skater. Love them!

  3. I've stitched 'Winter Wonderland? Blackbird Design and 'Bird Keeper' of Goode Huswife I love winter designs! I've ordered 'Family Sampler' but not yet arrived...there are CC threads or also Dmc???

  4. Your blog is full of tenderness, and love, animals, flowers have feels very at home
    Crossed(Spent) a pleasant day

  5. It's been incredibly hot here in the Mid-Atlantic and we've been in a drought on top of it. Things have been getting better, but yes, I am SO ready for fall. I've been stitching a sampler based on my DAR box design and the BD 2008 Mystery Sampler. Looking forward to catching up with your designs - especially the family one. Buddy says Gracie is GORGEOUS!!! Ruff!!

  6. Diane - thought of a couple of questions . . . Next year will you consider putting all the 2010 ornaments in one package - like Prairie Schooler does every four years or so with the Santas? Also, if you were going to stitch all the ornaments at one time, on one piece of fabric, what fabric color would you choose? Best Regards

  7. Katherine the ornaments will appear one at a time like they did this year. You can pick and choose which ones you'd like to have. And I simply cannot answer your second question since not one is designed yet!

    And to answer Elisabetta. . . . .go to my web site and click on the Family Sampler page. You will see a complete listing of thread there.

  8. Thanks Diane - have fun stitching and try to stay cool.

  9. Love the photo of Gracie. She gets prettier every time I see her.

    We have finally had a break in the heat. Along with some very much needed rain. I am so looking forward to the cooler weather. Auntumn can't come soon enough.

    Stitching--I have just finished up one big project and only have a little more to go on another. Then I will sit down and flip through my patterns to see what calls out. But I know one will be Liberty Belles. Or maybe Acorn Hill. Or how about one of the ornaments? :)

  10. I started stitching on a Halloween piece, hoping for some cooler weather. And it's worked! We lost the high heat and humidity and are having much cooler evenings now. You need to come for a visit!
    I always love seeing your photos of Gracie. She's a beauty!


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